Virtual Chinese New Year Origami Workshop

Welcome in the Chinese New year with our fun Virtual Chinese New Year Origami Workshop.

From £25pp + VAT + Kit

Reasons to book our virtual Chinese new year origami workshop:

  • Workshop duration: 90 minutes
  • Caters to all group sizes
  • Professional lighting and dual camera set up
  • Great for business events
  • Kits available to order, or bring your own materials
  • Bespoke and personalised options available for Chinese New Year
  • Live and pre-recorded sessions available
  • Hosted over Zoom or client’s chosen online platform
  • Additional option to include corporate gifting

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Learn how to create Chinese New Year Zodiac inspired origami with our highly skilled Virtual origami teacher. She will show you how to make various animals, including the Tiger especially for 2022 year of the Tiger.

Due to the nature of these brilliant origami shapes, this virtual Chinese new year workshop will run for around 90 minutes. Our virtual origami instructor will show you step by step on how to create each figure.

With a two camera set up, you’ll be able to see a video of your instructor and a face-down video of her creating the animal. Therefore making each step really clear to see. Additionally, prior to the event attendees will be sent a lesson plan. This will show them how to create the shapes as well.

For this workshop, we’d recommend groups under 50. This will ensure that our Virtual origami expert can guide anyone who gets stuck.

Furthermore, guests can either bring along their own equipment to the workshop- they can use computer paper, magazines, newspapers etc. Or we can provide our special virtual origami kit. We can brand and theme the kit to incorporate logos and Traditional Chinese new year colours such as red and gold.

If you want to make your Virtual Chinese New Year Origami Workshop even more special, we can also incorporate corporate gifting and bespoke hampers. These could include fortune cookies, moon cakes, Chinese lanterns and more.

Additionally, we’ve got lots more virtual Chinese new year entertainment options to choose from as well as lots of other virtual entertainment options.

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