Christmas Virtual Origami Workshop

Create your very own eco-friendly and creative festive decorations with our Christmas Virtual Origami Workshop.

Reasons to book our Christmas virtual origami workshop:

  • Choose your Online Festive Workshop length from 10mins-1.5 hours
  • Up to 1000 participants
  • Professional dual camera set up
  • Kits available to order, or bring your own materials
  • Bespoke and personalised options available
  • Live and pre-recorded sessions available
  • Hosted over Zoom or client’s chosen online platform

The Online Christmas Origami Workshop sessions can last from 10 mins up to 1.5 hours but the most typical length is 1 hour. In a one-hour virtual origami workshop, participants learn to make between 5 – 7 models, depending on the chosen shapes and the speed of the group.

This Online Festive Workshop teaches you festive-inspired shapes and help you to create beautiful Christmas decorations including, tags, wreaths, snowflakes and more. With groups of 50 people or less, it’s possible to help if someone gets stuck and for larger groups, the teacher always repeats the more tricky steps, so no one should get left behind.

We can provide origami kits for our Online Festive Workshop or participants can use materials they already have at home such as wrapping paper.

All Christmas virtual origami workshops are done online via Zoom or the client can host the event on their preferred platform and invite the origami artist as a host.  We use a dual-camera set-up with professional lighting so that the participants can clearly see the teacher, as well as a top-down view of the origami being folded.

Additionally, we can tailor the Christmas virtual origami workshop to your theme or brand. Using brand colours for the background or by creating themed origami models. It’s also possible to add company branding to the origami kits.

Furthermore, we can also add multiple other Virtual Entertainment Options to this workshop as well as Gifting Hampers to build a Virtual Christmas Party.

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