Virtual Team Building Cocktail Making Masterclass

Our brilliant and high energy virtual team building cocktail making masterclass is a fun way of celebrating any occasion virtually!

From £55pp + VAT

Recommended booking of 10 people

Reasons to book our virtual team building cocktail making masterclass

  • Masterclass run time: 60 minuites
  • Ingredients sent straight to your door
  • Great for virtual team building/ virtual Valentine’s day/ virtual stag and hen parties
  • PDF sent to all participants listing household equipment they can use
  • Upgrade your masterclass to include bar tools
  • Make 3 of the UK’s favourite Cocktails: A Mojito, Bramble and Whisky Sour
  • Learn skills and techniques from our expert mixologist

Our virtual cocktail making masterclass creates a brilliant opportunity for you to come together with friends and colleagues and share in a fun virtual experience.

Not only will you learn all about how to make the UK’s favourite cocktails. But you’ll also learn tips and tricks from our skilled mixologist as well as tasting your delicious concoctions. Each of the cocktails you create has a very different method, therefore, creating a diverse and in-depth learning experience.

How does it work

You and your guests will receive your very own cocktail kit, with everything you will need to make three different bar quality cocktails, including premium spirits, liqueurs, bitters, mixers, fresh ingredients, recipe cards and more.

Prior to the workshop, each guest will be sent a welcome PDF explaining household items they will be able to use to make their cocktails during the masterclass – classes can be upgraded to include bar equipment. This PDF will also tell them what kind of ice and glassware they will need.

On the day of the event, all guests will join Zoom/Teams at the agreed time, we recommend joining 15 minutes early, and be treated to a private cocktail masterclass hosted by our skilled mixologist.


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What Cocktails Will you Make

In our virtual cocktail making masterclass, you will make 3 of the UK’s favourite cocktails. Each with a unique technique and method of creation.

The three cocktails you and your guests will be making are:

  • Mojito: One of the UK’s favourites, learn how to build the brilliantly refreshing Mojito cocktail, with a kick of rum, refreshing mint and lime, sweet notes and topped with Soda
  • Bramble: Inspired by the flavours of Autumn and Winter, enjoy making this Gin based cocktail, combining gin, with citrusy and sweet notes, finishing with the fruity taste of Blackberry
  • Whisky Sour: With its silky texture, our Whisky Sour is a perfectly balanced cocktail, combining our chosen Whisky, with sweet and sour and the botanicals of the aromatic bitters.

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What’s included in the virtual cocktail making masterclass

Prior to the event, we will send you a box full of all the ingredients you will need for this workshop.

Additionally, all guests will receive a PDF explaining how you can use household equipment as bar equipment. For example, a jam jar as a shaker and a rolling pin as a muddler. In this document, they will also be advised on what glassware to use as well as different ice needed for each cocktail.

Furthermore, they will receive a cocktail making box. This will include all of the ingredients (minus the mint) they will need to create delicious bar quality cocktails. The box will include spirits, mixers, bitters and fresh ingredients.

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