Virtual Cheese & Wine Tasting Experience

Our Virtual Cheese and Wine Tasting Experience is available to book as an online, virtual experience for Private and Corporate clients around the World.

Reasons To Book Our Virtual Cheese & Wine Tasting Experience:

  • Our Virtual Wine and Cheese Tasting Experience takes place on Zoom
  • We can provide this Virtual Tasting Experience for varying group sizes – we do require a minimum of 20
  • This Virtual Cheese and Wine Tasting Experience has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our clients
  • We host this online wine tasting experience on Zoom making it quick and easy to book and access
  • Learn some insider knowledge about wine-making, wine and cheese tasting from our experts!

Private and Corporate Virtual Wine and Cheese Tasting Experience Options

  • 6x cheeses with accompaniments: crackers and preserves
  • 6x cheeses with accompaniments + 2x half bottles of white and red wine
  • 6x cheeses with accompaniments and five matched beers

Delivery to UK addresses is included in the options above.

What Do I Get With This Virtual Wine and Cheese Tasting Experience?

  • A 75-minute hosted Zoom session with one of our Wine and Cheese experts
  • 5x 100ml real Wines and Information Cards about each wine
  • 3 or 5 100g kinds of cheese (depending on your requirements) as well as our recommended pairings
  • You are guided through each wine, learning about the winemakers, wine-making process, tasting notes and why the wine tastes the way it does
  • We ship the packages required to take part in this experience directly to participants’ addresses

Our expert wine tasters guide you through each wine in delicate detail, teaching you about the wine-makers, who farm organically and the wine-making process itself. The tasting notes of each wine and why these wines taste the way they do are also part of this virtual tasting experience.

We find this private and corporate virtual wine and cheese tasting experience always goes down a storm for any online and virtual social gathering for both private and corporate clients.

Special requests with regards to dietary requirements are available, such as no goats’, vegetarian, blue cheese etc. All of these can be easily accommodated so that everyone can take part in the virtual tasting experience.

COVID-19 Save Events stamp. We are able to produce and manage events whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

Enquire about Virtual Cheese & Wine Tasting Experience

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Read More About Our Virtual Cheese & Wine Tasting Experience

Whether you’re looking for a way to virtually catch-up with your friends and family or if you’re looking for an experience to book for an online corporate social gathering, our Private and Corporate Virtual Cheese and Wine Tasting Experience is perfect.

With a huge range of options to choose from to suit all your needs and requirements, we make this Virtual Wine Tasting Experience and Cheese Tasting Experience easy to book with us.

Hosted by our experts LIVE on Zoom, this virtual experience gets everyone involved and is a great tool for boosting team morale for our corporate clients. It’s also just as good for those just looking for a simple virtual experience to book to enjoy with their friends and family!

We ask for a minimum of 20 guests to participate in the virtual experience to get the most from it. We have hosted this unique Virtual Wine tasting experience for over 100 guests at a time.

For our private and corporate virtual wine and cheese tasting experience to be led by an award-winning cheesemonger, we ask for a number of around 12. Fewer participants can be accommodated for with this experience with a pre-recorded video. Please get in contact to discuss your options!

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