Festive Virtual Candle Making

There are so many delicious smelling candles around the festive season. Why not create your own with our festive virtual candle making workshop.

Whether you’re a pumpkin spice lover, love the smell of smoky bonfires or perhaps the scent of Christmas trees in your home. Our candle making scent expert will virtually help you to create, the most beautifully fragrant candle.

One of the best things about our festive virtual candle making workshop is that you can do it all in the comfort of your own home. We can either provide your guests with a shopping list of ingredients for the workshop. Or we can arrange to send them a package containing all of the ingredients and perhaps even some festive treats as well!

Join us for candle creation that brings the creative experience of vivid, nature-inspired scents to your home.

Whatsmore, you can book our festive virtual candle making as part of a whole virtual interactive entertainment package. With options such as gin tasting, gingerbread house making and event Calligraphy.

Reason to book our Festive virtual candle making

  • Fun and highly interactive activity
  • Create something to keep
  • Great for corporate and private events
  • Brilliant for the festive season
  • Learn tips and tricks from an expert

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