Virtual Chocolate Making

Everyone loves chocolate, right? So what better way to celebrate the festive season than by inviting them to a virtual chocolate making class

Never underestimate the power of chocolate! Did you know that chocolate is prepared from the fruit of the Theobroma cacao, a tropical tree whose name in Greek means “food of the gods?”

And no holiday is complete without lots of chocolate. You and your attendees will have the opportunity to learn about chocolate and eat some too through our virtual chocolate making. Furthermore, your guests will be laughing and having a great time over the video communication app of your choice such as Zoom, Microsoft teams or Skype.

We’ve partnered with local chocolate makers so that you can make your own chocolate in the comfort of your own home whilst still enjoying the company of your friends and colleagues.

That’s right! Ingredients sent to your doorstep and a dedicated chocolatier guiding your group’s journey to delicious holiday decadence!

Reason to book our virtual chocolate making

  • A great hand on class where you can learn and make delicious festive chocolates
  • Extremely interactive
  • All ingredients delivered to participants doorstep
  • Opportunity to taste lots f chocolate
  • Ability to theme virtual class around a special occasion

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