Online Treasure Hunting Escape Room

Work together with your virtual team to uncover the missing treasure first in our Online Treasure Hunting Escape Room!

Price From: £35pp + VAT

REASONS TO BOOK OUR Online Treasure hunting escape room:

  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Attendees: 10 – 1000
  • Three stages of Online Escape Room gameplay
  • Hosted by a professional game host
  • Fast-paced and interactive gameplay elements
  • Online Escape Room Team Building activities encourage networking
  • Corporate Escape Room helps to boost skills

In this Virtual Entertainment experience, you will be playing the character of the trusted Historian and Cryptologist for the National Museum.

You recently uncover a nefarious plot by the museum’s Director, to use a newly discovered artefact to find the lost treasure and sell it on the black market.

Furthermore, you must discover the whereabouts of the treasure before the museum’s Director and bring it safely back to the museum for safekeeping – before you return it to its ancestral owners.

This Online Escape Room Team Building Activity is split into three levels of gameplay – The Cave, The Heist and The Treasure.

Moreover, you must work together in this fast-paced Virtual Corporate Escape Room to uncover clues and solve puzzles, helping you to progress to the next stage of gameplay.

These activities are ideal for Interactive Virtual Team Building Events, where remote teams can come together to boost skills in areas such as puzzle-solving and communication.

Additionally, our Online Escape Room Activities can be booked as entertainment for Virtual Conferences – helping to provide engaging entertainment for your guests.

Our Interactive Online Games can be combined to create a full entertainment package for your event. Pick and mix from a huge selection of other fun games including our Virtual Race Night, Geo Quest Game, Virtual Drag Bingo, Team Building Online Trivia and more!

Read below to find out more about our Online Treasure Hunt Escape Room. 

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Online Treasure hunt Escape Room Gameplay stages

Our Virtual Corporate Escape Room is split into three fun levels of gameplay!

Work together in your team to solve the puzzles to help progress onto the next level of gameplay, each puzzle solved will help you earn points.

Once you have managed to retrieve the treasure, the team that earns the most points will win our Online Treasure Hunt Escape Room!

The Cave: Teams will be faced with the initial clues and challenges in the adventure. Your team’s character is a Cryptologist and Historian of the National Museum’s Artefacts Bureau and is dedicated to finding lost historical objects for the museum. As the first episode begins, your team discovers that the museum’s Director is a thief who has stolen a recent artefact and now is in search of a hidden treasure.

The Heist: Your team continues their adventure and is confronted with more clues and challenges. You travel along the mysterious path to find the ancient treasure and try to put a stop to the evil plan of the museum’s Director. Furthermore, your team must find the location of the hidden treasure before the Director does…and the clock is ticking!

The Treasure: In the final stage, teams are presented with the finals clues and challenges. As you finally reach the location of the treasure, you must still safely decipher clues to retrieve it for the National Museum. Can you escape with the treasure before the museum’s Director?

In addition, we also have a wide variety of Virtual Food and Drink Workshops that can be paired with your Online Escape Room Team Building Activity – choose whether to complete your workshop before or after your event, providing your team with multitudes of entertainment options.

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