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Putting on a Corporate Awards Ceremony or Gala Dinner is a great way of rewarding employees. They promote a sense of togetherness and boost staff morale, motivating staff to hit targets. Charities can also use these events to fundraise and raise awareness for their cause.

Julia Charles Event Management is a team of passionate Gala Dinner organisers and event planners who love to put on some show-stopping events. Working in the events industry since 1998, we know how to produce an event that will exceed the expectations of our clients.

We provide the following Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner services:

  • Venue Sourcing and Venue Dressing
  • AV & Lighting services
  • Awards ceremony and Gala Dinner Entertainment
  • Guest Speakers to host your Corporate Awards Ceremony
  • Catering services
  • Delegate Management and Logistics

How do I book a Corporate Awards Ceremony or Gala Dinner?

Firstly, you’ll need to fill in one of our enquiry forms. Our Gala Dinner organisers need to get an understanding of your requirements and confirm the main purposes of your Awards Ceremony or Gala Dinner!

We need to know:

  • The purpose of the event and its desired outcome.
  • The message you want to convey.
  • How many guests are in attendance.
  • Where your guests are travelling from, if they need accommodation.
  • Required facilities.

We take extra care in understanding your requirements and exactly what you want to achieve from putting on your event.

The next step is designing the event: presenting potential concepts for themes, novelties and more, all based on your requirements as a client.

Once you’re happy with the concept, we get to confirming your event to get the event underway!

How do we present the concepts for your Awards Ceremony or Gala Dinner?

Using our software, we send over fully comprehensive concepts that cover everything from the decoration of the venue to the experience of entering the room and leaving the event.

Our Proposal Software gives you access to:

  • A 3D virtual tour of your event before you agree to anything.
  • Full transparency of exactly how your quote adds up.
  • The ins-and-outs of how your event will work.

Whatever your preference may be when it comes to branding, theming or other, our gala dinner organisers can provide creative artwork, staging, content for projections, audio and visual experiences and more to make your event truly special.

We want to give you as much of an immersive experience as possible so that you can make an informed decision on the design of your event.

We’re happy to make any changes to the concept to suit your needs and requirements.

Once approved, we begin to confirm the event. We book the venue, entertainers, speakers and anything else that applies to your event.

Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner Events

Gala Dinner Event Planners
Event Management
Event Production
Venue Dressing
Venue Sourcing

Corporate Event Entertainment, Gala Dinners

Gleneagles Gala Dinner

Corporate Event Management
Event Management
Event Production
Venue Dressing

Conference Events, Gala Dinners

1920s Themed Awards Dinner

Achieving the right Atmosphere for your Awards Ceremony or Gala dinner

The venue, decoration, entertainment and more are key elements to achieving the right atmosphere for your event.

Awards Ceremony Entertainment
Kuwait Hotel Venue

Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner Venue Sourcing

Picking the right venue and decorating it to suit your award ceremony or gala dinner is crucial to the success of your event. That’s where our expertise comes in.

With our experience as Gala Dinner Organisers, we have access to some of the world’s best venues, working all across the globe in Venice, Las Vegas, Paris and more.

We always choose a venue that suits the number of guests in attendance in a location that is reachable by your guests.

Read more about Venue Sourcing

Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner Venue Dressing

Once you have selected a venue, the next part is transforming the space to suit your event.

With our experience as Awards Ceremony organisers, we are experts in venue dressing and design bespoke settings for any theme or taste.

Some clients prefer a branded event, whereas others like to get away from branding and go for a unique theme or style.

No matter your preference, our Awards Ceremony organisers have the capacity to achieve your desired setting. Using our in-house bespoke event design service, we can supply entirely bespoke props and decor for your event.

Read more about our Venue Dressing service

Gleneagles Gala Dinner Design

engage your guests with the right Entertainment & Guest Speakers

With access to the world’s best performers and guest speakers, we can make your Awards Ceremony or Gala Dinner the place to be.

Event Audience
Circus Stage Show

Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner Entertainment

We supply some breath-taking entertainment to take your Awards Ceremony or Corporate Gala Dinner to the next level.

Building up close relationships with suppliers across the globe, we have access to some of the world’s best Gala Dinner entertainment comprising of performers, shows and more.

Entertainment and Guest Speakers are a great way of breaking your Awards Ceremony or Gala Dinner up. Our entertainers can perform shows throughout your event, keeping your guests engaged for the entirety of your event.

To make your Awards Ceremony more exciting, we can even book entertainers to give out the awards to your guests.

Get ready to be blown away by some truly mind-blowing entertainers.

Click to see all of our entertainment options

Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner Guest Speakers

It’s very common to have a Guest Speaker appear at your Awards Ceremony or Gala Dinner.

This is where it helps to work with a company who deals directly with guest speakers, celebrities and their agents.

Building up some great relationships as Awards Ceremony Organisers with booking agents and their clients, we have access to the best prices.

We also make cover everything related with the Guest Speaker, such as the equipment, staging and more.

The Guest Speaker you book will write new material suited to your event to make it much more personal.

Read more about our Guest Speakers

Corporate speaker available to hire

Set the Stage with our AV & Lighting expertise

Get the setting rights with our AV & Lighting services.

Festival Staging and AV
AV and lighting services for Corporate Events

AV & Lighting Services

To get the right setting and atmosphere for your Awards Ceremony or Gala Dinner, you need to book the right AV & Lighting company.

With our experience in fully producing and managing a range of events, we can provide event production services that enhance the visuals and design of your event.

All of this is available in-house giving us access to low prices and ensures our high-quality service.

Our AV & Lighting Services include:

  • Bespoke light production
  • Set and stage design
  • Video production
  • Live-streaming
  • 3D & 4D projection
  • Audio systems

Read more about Staging, Lighting & AV

Create a spectacular Gala Dinner or Awards Ceremony

Using our event management services, you can expect a spectacular Corporate Awards Ceremony or Gala Dinner to give your guests an unforgettable experience!

Cirque Bijou

Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner Catering Services

Award Ceremonies & Gala Dinners usually have large guest lists. As a result, you will have a lot of people to cater for.

As a corporate event management company, we’ve worked hard to build relationships with reliable catering suppliers. Providing all types of event catering, including luxury event catering, we’ve got all of the catering options covered.

We cater to any food allergies or restrictions.

Catering is a great way of bringing a group of people together at your Corporate Gala Dinner, especially with large groups of people. It’s always a valuable addition to any event.

See all of our Catering Options

Bespoke Cuisine Company Catering
Xero Conference Awards Ceremony

Delegate Management Services

Delegate management involves organising every aspect of your event.

With our delegate management services we provide a precise, organised set list for everyone in attendance – for performers, staff we have working on the event and more.

With these specific timings, we ensure the event runs like clockwork, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your event with assurance that everything is going to plan.

You will know exactly what is happening and when.

This is just a small part of what Delegate Management involves.

Read more about our Delegate Management services


Transporting a large number of guests from different locations to get to one venue can take a lot of organisation. It is important all of your guests arrive to the venue on time and together.

That’s where our Logistics service comes into play.

With our experience in logistics, transporting guests from all across the globe, we can take the responsibility of organising this travel for you.

An Awards Ceremony or Gala Dinner will have a lot of guests in attendance, so the organisation of travel is very important to the success of your event.

Read more about our Travel Management

Conference Logistical services

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