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Our aim when creating shared christmas party nights for venues is to provide event theming that will transport guests to another destination. Whether it is Christmas in New York where your guests will dance in the city, drink cocktails in a central park bar and be dazzled by the lights of our bespoke central park set designs. Or something along the lines of an Apr├Ęs ski themed event where our animatronic Moose head will compere the event with comedic good will ad wit. We have created many different themed parties for venues over the years and the one thing we always take in to consideration is the experience. Of course having a theme for your Christmas party is great, but being transported via all the senses is the aim for us. From the the food to the entertainment, sights and smells.

How do we plan Shared christmas party nights

We work extremely close to our clients at the venues we work with and make sure we understand what they are trying to achieve. Our creative team get to work on suggesting some themes and some designs that suit the layout of the venue itself. From the entrance design all the way to the staging, we take create moments throughout the event which are both fun and memorable.

We provide entertainment and shows for long term bookings with discounts to reflect. These shows and acts always fit the theme of the event itself. We work with the venue to make suggestions such as new menu’s you could offer, new ways to present food options and event the new and trending drinks and cocktails.

Your venue needs Growth and our parties deliver

We understand the need for Shared Christmas parties to have an ROI. This is evident not just in private bookings but also members of the public becoming repeat customers. The way we do this is simple but our approach is very technical and calculated. We look at the parties you have done before, what the feedback was on those events and how we can improve. What was missing? what was the cost and then more importantly what can we do to make it so that your guests leave the party not just wanting to book again next year but to spread the word.

The shared Christmas party nights we have created for our clients have done nothing but grow meaning the return on your investments and hard work pay off and you venue gets the reputation for holding fantastic events, it deserves.

event production and design

We have created many themes with our skills and experience in event production. Everything from lighting and bespoke staging for all types of Christmas themes. Whether it is a New York city Skyline stage design or a snow covered mountain lodge with your very own talking Moose head. Everything we create is tailored to your venues specifications.


the best in shared christmas party management

We are full of ideas on how to market your parties throughout the year. With City centre pop up installations all the way to social media campaigns to drum up more sales and excitement.

Apres Ball themed christmas party

Branding your Christmas Party

Of course you want your party to be custom made and more personal to your venue. Every event we create has a story behind it and is almost its own brand. We create stories for your events which you are able to take your guests on a journey through.


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