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Delegate management is fundamentally important to the success of your event. From inception to completion the satisfaction of your delegates is imperative. As corporate event planners, we can help you achieve this with our bespoke event management services. It can be incredibly stressful to plan all the individual details of an event. That’s where we come in, here at Julia Charles Event Management we will take the stress out of the event by planning each element for you.

Our services include;

  • Registration websites
  • Event production
  • Travel management
  • Event apps
  • Social Media
  • Accommodation
  • And any additional services

The happiness of your delegates is critical to the success of your event.

Your delegates want to know that everything is taken care of before they arrive at your event. As a corporate event management company, we plan all the specific elements of your event for you.

We are corporate event planners who have a wealth of experience in creating perfectly organised events that always run smoothly. We understand the different elements that go into creating a successful delegate experience.

The experience and process begin from the moment that your delegates receive their invite. Our creative teams can design bespoke invitations for your guests that are both informative and visually impressive.

Intelligent Systems and Resources

Our event management teams understand the importance of being registered for the event. We use the latest technologies to design bespoke online registration systems and databases for your delegates. Our attention to detail ensures that everyone attending your event including management, sponsors, delegates and guest speakers can all use the system to pre-register to the conference.

We can also design and program the registration system to have specific categories for each group attending. This means that whether someone is a manager or a guest speaker, they can sign into a specific category for them.

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