If you’re looking to book an online conference event to enhance your meetings, company announcements and employee training, our Virtual Conferencing Services are perfect for you.

Working from home can make it more difficult to communicate big company announcements and training. Zoom calls can be repetitive and it can be difficult to get the information across. Our virtual conferencing services put an end to this.

Our Virtual Conferencing Services Include:

  • Webcasting and Live Streaming
  • Bespoke Host site management
  • Multiple chatrooms guests can go-between
  • Network with groups or 1:1 conversations
  • Virtual booths for guests to visit
  • Hybrid Events
  • Ticketing options
  • Company branding and backdrops
  • Live voting technology
  • Virtual guest speaker hire
  • Analytics reports


As a conference management company, we are constantly adapting to circumstances. Ensuring to provide excellent conferencing services.

By booking our virtual conferencing services, your staff and users can enjoy an engaging online virtual conference event to update your staff, train staff, or boost team morale.

Instead of your regular Zoom call, we create an event out of your meeting or conference.

We provide a bespoke design for employees to access the call. As well as company branding for the host to present in front of. This of course can be adapted to your requirements.

Our virtual conferencing is guaranteed to be more interactive and engaging than your regular company call. Additionally, it is the best way to communicate training, conferences, large meetings and company awards and announcements.

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How does virtual conferencing work?

We provide bespoke virtual conferencing services, tailored specifically to our client’s needs and requirements and desired outcomes.

Firstly, we take the time to understand the intent behind the meeting and what level of service is required.

As a virtual conferencing company, we can provide virtual conferencing platforms to host your event on, which are exclusive to your event.

As a result, we can design a bespoke website / entry point for employees and users to access the online event, meaning it can be branded and created to your exact requirements.

Not to mention, we provide all the technical assistance you need, including a team to live-stream your event. All of which is done in accordance to Government advice, with social distancing amongst other guidelines.

We live-streamed a company Fashion show to employees in the UK and across Europe. This is an example of how we can incorporate Hybrid Events and virtual technology into hosting your event.


What is a Hybrid event?

Hybrid Events consist of a physical live event that is attended by a select number of guests, partnered with a simultaneous virtual live event.

This lets you bring an online presence into your event. Allowing the online audience to be part of the event experience. Additionally, it means that you can keep numbers down on physical guests saving money.

At Hybrid Events, online guests are able to participate in the event in an almost identical capacity to physical guests. Therefore meaning that they can take part in Q&A segments, have conversations with guests speakers and interact with other attendees.

By hosting a Hybrid conference you can strategically limit numbers of physical guests without it impacting how many people get to be a part of the event.

A hybrid conference of meeting can be easily published into a ‘meeting-in-a-box’. Therefore, this gives users the ability to virtually attend the event and take part in all interactivity at a time that suits them.

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Why book a Hybrid Event?

There are many benefits to booking a Hybrid Event. From cost-cutting solutions to increased reach and even reducing carbon footprint.

Virtual conferencing is increasingly becoming a popular option in the events and business sector. Hence Hybrid Events are a great combination of both live and virtual events.

By hosting a Hybrid event you are instantly reducing your upfront costs, as you are reducing the number of physical guests. Additionally, this saves money on Venues, Catering, Travel expenses and more!

Not only that but it allows for guests from all across the globe to attend. Reducing company and individual carbon footprint and keeping any additional travel and physical contact down to a minimum.

Some of the events that will hugely benefit from Hybrid Event Solutions include Conferencing, Product Launches, Workshops, Seminars, Exhibitions and more!

Virtual Interactive performers for hire

Bespoke Virtual Events

One of the most important things about virtual events is being able to engage and interact.

Furthermore, when booking virtual event services you want to ensure that your attendees are able to interact and partake naturally, in a way that is as similar to live events as possible.

Whether you do this through breakout rooms, drop-in seminars, interactive entertainment or even virtual meeting rooms. We tailor each event to our client’s individual needs and ensure to really involve and gain interaction from participants.

One way that we can do this is by booking virtual entertainment to break up sections of your virtual conference. Whether that’s a  guest speaker, magician, or even a virtual murder mystery activity.

All of our entertainment is interactive. For example, our magicians aim to involve as many attendees as possible and our virtual murder mystery events give everyone a role to play making them feel really involved.

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