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Event management Company Specialising In Corporate Event Management & Production

If you’re looking for a corporate event management company to organise an event or book some corporate event entertainment for you and your staff, we are here to help.

Using our vast experience in corporate event planning and organising, we dedicate ourselves to helping you achieve your vision from the offset.

Our team is made up of experienced corporate event planners that know the ins-and-outs of the industry, ensuring a successful event is achieved. Our corporate event planners use their close relationships with suppliers and entertainers to ensure you always get the best quality at the best price.

We offer a wide range of corporate event services, corporate event entertainment and activities, giving you plenty of options to choose from when planning your event. Whether you have a clear idea in mind or require full design and production services, our unique industry insight will guarantee you’re delivered an unforgettable experience.

What is corporate Event management?

It’s the service of fully planning, sourcing corporate event entertainment and activities and managing the event from start to finish.

A corporate event is an event that’s either funded by or sometimes even organised by a business for their staff and associates.

The events tend to vary massively, due to the needs of clients being very different – the purpose of the event is always different.

Reasons to hold a Corporate Event include:

  • Hosting an event to reward staff and associates to celebrate their hard work and achievements.
  • To use team building activities to encourage teamwork and give a sense of togetherness in the office.
  • Review existing key strategies and/or introduce new ones.
  • Product Launches.
  • Celebrate significant dates in the year.
  • Hitting company targets.

What does corporate Event management include?

Depending on your needs as a client and the scale of the event, the level of event management required will differ.

Full Event Management is the creation and development of large scale events, such as product launches, large staff parties, conferences and more.

This includes a lot more than meets the eye.

As an event management company, an understanding of the brand/individual and their needs for the event is crucial to the success of the event.

  • Venue Sourcing & Venue Dressing
  • Event Production
  • Logistics
  • Catering
  • Entertainment & Speaker Management
  • Delegate Management
  • AV & Lighting

You can see more information about each service towards the bottom of the page.

Event Planning Company Providing Quality Venue Sourcing And Transformation

Selecting the perfect venue is essential to achieving the atmosphere you desire.

Aynhoe Park venue

Venue Sourcing

With our connections in the industry, we have access to some of the world’s best venues. Working all across the globe in Las Vegas, Venice, Milan, Paris, just to name a few, we have sourced venues all across the globe to suit our clients.

We always choose a venue that suits the number of guests in attendance (so your guests are not too spread out in the venue), in a location that is suitable. We match your needs to the venue.

On top of this, it needs to fit within the budget of the event.

A full event management service will include the designing and creation of the event concept, organising the travel of all the delegates and any other logistical obstacles. It also includes the coordination of all the technical aspects, such as AV & Lighting, staging and more prior to launching the event.

Read more about Venue Sourcing.

Venue Transformation

Once a suitable venue has been found for your event, the next step is transforming it.

We are experts in venue dressing and transformation and design and produce bespoke settings for any theme or taste. Whether you want to create a lavish and luxurious vibe, or desire a minimalist finish, we can transform your event space to suit you.

We can use our venue dressing service to transform a venue to suit a specific theme such as Halloween, Easter, Alice in Wonderland and many more.

See more of our event themes.

Twisted Circus Halloween Theming

Experts in corporate Event Production

As an established event planning company, we take pride in delivering only the highest standards to our clients.

Full event management Cirque Bijou Creative Production.

Event Production

We aim for our brand to leave a lasting impression on you. Creativity and passion is at the heart of what we do, leading us to produce some truly spectacular events.

With an extensive portfolio of a range of corporate events, including Product Launches, Conferences and Gala Dinners, we have the experience to back it up. Our reputation has earned us the opportunity to deliver corporate events for big names and globally renowned brands such as Thomas Sabo, Amazon and MTV to name a few.

No matter the size or level of production you require, Julia Charles Event Management can provide it.

Read more about Event Production.


You’ve decided on a venue and how it will look. The next part is how do you get the guests there?

Van transport services

Transporting a large number of guests from different locations to get to one venue can take a lot of organisation. It is important all of your guests arrive to the venue on time and together.

With our experience in logistics, transporting guests from all across the globe, we can take the responsibility of organising this travel for you.

Read more about our Travel Management.


Corporate Event Entertainment & Speaker Management

A big part of any event is the entertainment and activities.

Family friendly Halloween entertainment for hire in London and the UK.
Fire hula hoop performer for hire. Book The Exceptional Hula Hooper for product launches in London & the UK.

Corporate Event Entertainment

We supply some of the most impressive entertainers suitable for any type of corporate event.

With our experience in the events industry, we’ve built-up close relationships with suppliers across the globe. This gives us access to some of the world’s best performers, shows and more, making your event one to be remembered. Get ready to be blown away by some truly show-stopping performances.

When we manage an event, we manage every aspect of it – this includes entertainment. We fully plan out the performers’ day with specific timings, where to be and their specific sets.

Providing bespoke stage shows, festival entertainment, musical performers and bands, dancers and much more, we have every aspect of corporate event entertainment covered.

We also provide corporate event activities, corporate team building activities and more, making sure every aspect of your event is covered. These activities are great for building team spirit within your company.

Click to see all of our entertainment options.

Guest Speaker Management

Depending on the type of corporate event, you may want to book an inspirational guest speaker to make an impact on your guests.

With access to a range of guest speakers across the globe, we have powerful guest speakers suitable for all types of events. We have Business Speakers, Celebrity Speakers, Comedians and much more including the likes of Alan Sugar, Sir Alex Fergusson and Deborah Meaden.

We have speakers available to book for smaller events such as Shawn Debravac, Penny Mallory and many more.

See our full Guest Speaker roster.

Corporate speaker available to hire

Catering Service for Corporate Events

Catering for a large number of guests can be a lot of responsibility. You want to choose someone you trust that provides a high-quality service.

Molecular Catering Service
Book catering delivery for your next corporate event

High-quality Catering Service

As a corporate event management company, we’ve worked hard to build relationships with reliable catering suppliers. Providing all types of event catering, such as outdoor gourmet barbeques, American street food and luxury event catering, we’ve got all of the catering options covered. We understand that everybody is different, so we cover any food allergies or restrictions.

Catering is a great way of bringing a group of people together, especially with large groups of people. It’s always a valuable addition to any event.

See all of our Catering Options.

Delegate Management

Delegate management involves the organisation and planning of every aspect of your event.


When planning an event of any size, there is a lot of planning that goes into making sure it runs seamlessly.

Delegate management involves organising the travel of all guests, performers, workers and more in attendance to your event. It also involves managing the access levels for these different guests or staff for the event. This means creating things like VIP badges, informing staff of access levels and more.

With our delegate management services we provide a precise, organised set list for everyone in attendance – for performers, staff we have working on the event and more. We also state specific timings for corporate event activities if they are a part of the event. This ensures the event runs like clockwork and you can sit back and enjoy your event with reassurance that everything is going to plan. You will know exactly what is happening and when.

This is just a small part of what Delegate Management involves.

Read more about our Delegate Management service here.


Staging, Lighting & AV

Staging, Lighting & AV are all crucial in creating the atmosphere for your event.

Stage shows entertainment for hire in the UK for private events.

With our experience in fully producing and managing a range of corporate events for a range of clients, we can provide event production services that enhance the visuals and design of your event.

Some of our Staging, Lighting & AV services include:

  • Bespoke light production
  • Set and stage design
  • Video production
  • Live streaming
  • Video projections
  • Audio systems

Read more about Staging, Lighting & AV.

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