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How are we organising covid safe events

Here at Julia Charles Event Management, we strongly believe that we simply MUST continue organising safe events during this moment in time.

Why? It is very simple: the #eventsindustry is an instrumental part of the UK. On one hand, events and meetings help companies and individuals promote and celebrate. Also, big scale Seasonal and sports events constitute an irreplaceable form of entertainment that crowds look forward to.

To help you keep enjoying (high-profile) events across the UK during the pandemic, we have decided to do our bit! Here are our Covid safe event guidelines and Event Services to ensure the health and safety of you, as a client, your guests, our staff members and providers involved.

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Every event is different, so every client needs their own personalised Covid safety plan.

First of all, it is important to mention that every event is different and, therefore, will need different measures as well as a bigger or smaller number of them. That means that not all of the measures listed below apply to every single event.

Here are some of the basics and most important ones, according to the GOV’s Guidelines:

  1. To allow our events to run safely, masks must be worn at all times by guests and staff members, except when eating and drinking.
  2. A queue management system and a covid safe venue layout will be implemented to allow a safe distance of 1.5 metres between attendants.
  3. We will operate our Live events at a reduced capacity (maximum 30 delegates) to ensure the health and wellbeing of your delegates.
  4. Hands-free, contactless policy for our staff members, who will also be wearing protective gloves.
  5. Detection of body temperature for all the events’ attendants upon arrival at the event space.


Disinfection, Cleaning and Safety protocols and facilities are a must when organising safe events!

  1. Hand sanitizer provided for the events’ attendants, placed at entry points, lifts and contact areas.
  2. Spaces will be safely cleaned and disinfected before, throughout and after the event. Safety will be ensured with the use of screens, disinfection dispensers and cleaning protocols.
  3. Catering will be curated in accordance to Covid safe event protocols to ensure the guests’ safety and enjoyment.
  4. Staff members and providers will be provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) that is to be worn at all times.


Organising safe events does not mean that your delegates have to miss out!

We have a couple of solutions for you:

  1. Do you have over 30 guests interested in attending your conference? We can offer you our Hybrid event solutions to keep everybody in the loop, whether they are in the event space or not!
  2. If you and your guests desire to be extra safe, we can offer Virtual Zoom Conference Performers as well as Virtual Conference Management. You can now enjoy your event without having to leave your home!
  3. We can run interactive outdoor events such as Halloween Horror Mazes, Trick or Treat Streets, and Christmas Toy Land. These can be enjoyed by your guests in reduced groups in turns, making it easier to respect the safety distances
Virtual Entertainment for Virtual Events

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Here at Julia Charles Event Management, we like to be up-to-date with new technologies.

And what better way to bring them into the picture than to make our clients and their guests safer?

  1. Our bio safe Sanitizing Mist Machine will disinfect you and your guests blowing a non-intrusive, non-chemical mist over you.
  2. The Better Event Air machine eliminates the bad bacteria in the event space’s air, leaving it fresh and healthy.
  3. Our Safe Distancing Alarm will alert the wearer whenever another guest gets closer than the required safety distance.
  4. Water & oxygen based Sustainable Cleaning solution to fully clean the venue before the event.
  5. Contactless card exchanging phone apps available for the delegates to exchange details in a safe way whilst networking.


The worlds’ situation has changed very quickly and is constantly evolving.

Therefore, learning how to proceed and adapting to the changes is key!

  1. Before every event, we will provide our staff COVID-19 training on safety and sanitation protocols.
  2. To further ensure our clients and staff members’ safety, we make sure to keep up-to-date with COVID-19 information, procedures and news, daily. That allows us to adapt our protocols and safety measures as needed.
  3. We want you to enjoy your event without stress. Therefore, we will make sure to have signs with information and staff members available to guide you on how to best keep yourself safe.
  4. We can help you choose a venue suitable to run the event according to the Covid safe event guidelines.
  5. Personalised guidelines booklets to be written and sent to clients and guests after having run Covid-updated risk assessments on the chosen venue.



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