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Working for the likes of Amazon and Network Rail, we have produced bespoke, large-scale (and small-scale) Family Fun day events along with Family Fun Day event management services to meet a variety of requirements and briefs.

When planning a corporate Family Fun Day, experience is crucial. You may have a large number of guests in attendance, so you need to get every aspect of your family fun day planned properly!

As leading family fun day organisers in the UK, we get to work on some fun and exciting company fun days. Over the years, we have time and time again shown our expertise in organising Family Fun Days.

Our Family Fun Day Services Include:

  • Family Fun Day Entertainment Options
  • Inflatable hire, Escape Rooms and more attractions
  • Team-Building activities
  • Venue sourcing and Venue Dressing
  • Family Fun Day Catering services
  • Delegate Management services
  • Logistics / Travel Management

Why should you book us to plan your family fun day?

Our fun day planners have been planning, designing and managing corporate fun days for years.

Receiving glowing feedback from clients we have worked with, such as Amazon and Lloyds Pharmacy, we have a tried and tested Family Fun Day service. As a result, we have built up valuable experience in managing and planning events of this magnitude.

We are able to create some interesting Corporate Family Fun Day Themes to make your event stand out. You can choose a branded theme or a specific event theme depending on the look you want to achieve.

Safety is very important to us, which is why we carry out regular risk assessments and have full Public Liability Insurance.

Our team takes pride in putting the same effort and dedication into all of our projects. We always have unique family fun day ideas to make your event truly special, creating the perfect event for your precise needs. Regardless of size and budget, we treat every client with the same values.

What goes into planning a Corporate Family Fun Day?

A family fun day of any size requires a lot of planning to ensure its success. This is where our Family Fun Day Event Management services come in.

Most Family Fun Days will have guests attending in the hundreds. This brings with it a lot of logistical planning, organisation of activities, entertainment, catering and much more.

Our passionate events team have experience planning and managing every aspect of a corporate family fun day.

Here are some of the aspects you need to consider when planning a Family Fun Day:

  • Entertainment & Attractions
  • Location
  • Catering
  • Delegate Management
  • Logistics

Family Fun Day Activities & Attractions

Bring the excitement to your Corporate Family Fun Day with our Family Fun Day Activities & Attractions.

Blue Chip corporate fun day festival.
Bouncealot for hire. Our walkabout animal act is available to book for Easter events, corporate events or family fun days in London & the UK.

Family Fun Day ACtivities & Entertainment

A big part of any Family Fun Day is the entertainment.

We supply some of the most impressive entertainers suitable for any type of family fun day event.

Give your guests something to be excited about at your event. Blow them away with bespoke walkabout entertainment, musical performers and bands, dancers and much more.

With our experience in the events industry, we have some truly unique family fun day ideas for entertainment to make your event a memorable one.

We’ve built-up close relationships with suppliers across the globe. This gives us access to some of the world’s best performers, shows and more, making your event one to be remembered.

View Our Entertainment Options

Family Fun Day Attractions

We have some thrilling Family Fun Day attractions for everyone in the family, such as fairground rides, Ferris wheels, inflatables, bouncy castles and more.

Our team have some very unique family fun day ideas to make your corporate day out very special.

You can book your favourite traditional funfair rides like the Phoenix Ride, Tagada Ride, Twister Ride and Waltzer Ride to make your family fun day as nostalgic for the adults as it is exciting for the kids.

View Our Family Fun Day Attractions


Family Fun Day Location

Using our Venue Sourcing service to choose the right Location for your Family Fun Day


Family Fun Day Venue / Location Sourcing

Choosing the right location for your corporate fun day is crucial.

It’s important that your event is held in a location that is reachable for your guests, is large enough to cater for your guests, entertainment and attractions and fits within your budget.

This is where our experience in the events industry is critical.

Organising family fun days for years,  we have access to several venues and locations suitable for any type of family fun day.

Catering Service

We have options to suit everyone.

With access to a range of catering services, from outdoor gourmet barbeques, American street food and bespoke food vans, we’ve got all of the catering options covered.

We cater for all tastes, allergies or restrictions, no matter how many guests are attending your corporate fun day.

View Our Catering Options

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Organising the travel for your guests

Being that family fun day events have guests in attendance in the hundreds, travel is crucial to the success of the event.

At Julia Charles Event Management, we have the experience necessary to ensure all of your guests get to your event on-time and together.

If you have guests that are coming from all across the globe, we have the services to hand to organise the travel for this. No matter where your guests need to travel from, we can organise this.

View Our Travel Management Services

Custom Invites and Lanyards

On top of our Family Fun Day Event Management services, we also offer in-house design of invitations, lanyards and more to accompany your event.

We create these invitation designs for family fun days bespoke to the client’s taste and requirements.

We also have the ability to print and deliver these invitations to the client and attendees.


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