LED SCREEN virtual Studio HIRE breakdown

LED Screen Virtual Studio Hire gives clients the ability to host a professionally created and run virtual event in a high-tech studio creating full HD or 4K digital meetings and events.

Want to create a visually flawless, TV studio quality, engaging virtual event? We can provide full LED screen virtual studio hire to film, produce and manage your virtual event.

“Don’t stop running your company during lockdown”

Whether you would like to create a Virtual Conferencing event, Virtual Charity Auction, Virtual Product Launch or any other virtual event for that matter, we can help.

Not only do we have an exceptional TV studio-quality studio with a state-of-the-art LED backdrop, all set-up and ready to be filmed in. We also have a whole team of dedicated technicians, from camera operators to sound technicians and technical engineers all ready to produce your virtual event.

Our studio is based in North West London with excellent transport links. Therefore, making coming to the studio to film your virtual event really easy.

COVID-19 Save Events stamp. We are able to produce and manage events whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

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Covid-Safe, government-approved Virtual Studio equipped to produce TV-quality Virtual Events.”


LED SCREEN Virtual Studio HIRE- WHat’s included?

All our LED screen virtual studio hire services are bespoke so we can tailor design your virtual studio hire package.

  • Fully equipped virtual studio set-up featuring our State-of-the-art wall to wall LED screens. Equipped with professional lighting rigs, multiple cameras and audio recording equipment.
  • A bespoke streaming platform that we can personalise and brand to your event.
  • Team of engineers on hand to deal with all technical queries
  • Coordinating live entertainers in the studio under covid-safe guidelines
  • On the day virtual studio management and a whole studio team to run all of the AV and virtual elements.
  • Personalised and fully bespoke gifting boxes to be sent out to attendees.
  • Post-event video content edited, for them to showcase their virtual event.

How our led screen Virtual Studio hire works

We’ll explain how our LED screen virtual studio hire works and what you can expect from us.

  • Our Event managers will work with you, the client, to establish what kind of event you’d like to run and, therefore, how much studio time will be required to create and produce your event.
  • Pre-event we will pre-record and footage, audio or entertainment required that you do not want filming live at your event.
  • We will also produce any agreed audios such as jingles as well as a comprehensive plan of what shots need to be filmed at the event.
  • On the day of your event, we will invite the host/s (whether that be someone from your company or an external host) to the studio to run through everything in preparation for going live. We will then go live.
  • Post-event we can create any additional promotional content required as showcase material.


“We are more than just  Virtual Events. We deliver digital experiences that engage and inspire.”


Want something extra?

Not only can we offer our state-of-the-art Bespoke LED screen virtual studio hire. We can also offer interactive and exciting physical and virtual add ons.

Perhaps you want some engaging virtual entertainment to be streamed live to your guests. Or maybe you want to send out special hampers pre-event for guests to open whilst attending the virtual event?

We have an extensive range of entertainment options both virtual and live that would be able to come into the studio (maintaining Covid-safe practices) to capture interactive footage or your guests to watch.

Furthermore, our bespoke gift boxes can be customised to include whatever you want. From PR products for a virtual product launch to gala dinner boxes including food, drinks and party wear. Whatever the occasion and whatever the contents we can supply a fully customised and bespoke gift box.

Contact us today for:

  • Entertainment options
  • Gift boxes
  • Guest speakers
  • Event hosts

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Fully Customise your stage with custom branding in our Virtual Studio.”



What events can I book the Bespoke LED Studio for?

Our Bespoke LED screen virtual studio hire is brilliant for all kinds of corporate virtual events.

From Virtual Conferences followed by Award Ceremonies to Product Launches and Brand Activation. Not to mention influencer engagement with brands.

The bespoke LED studios have been especially popular with Virtual conferencing events as there is plenty of space in the studio to have multiple hosts bouncing off of one another.

With the ability to personalise the backgrounds with our LED screens as well as showcase company videos we can create a really visually slick and engaging conference.

Furthermore, many of our clients choose to follow their Virtual Conferences with an Award Ceremony. This is where we can incorporate engaging entertainment and gift boxes.

Additionally, due to the TV studio set up, we have had lots of clients book to virtually showcase new products and brand activations to the press and influencers.



Why hire our LED Screen Virtual Studio?

The LED Screen Virtual Studio hire provides a TV-quality virtual studio set. Enabling hosts and guests to easily interact with digital content on the state-of-the-art LED screen used as a backdrop. Big enough to allow easy social distancing and great studio space to create top-quality virtual content.

What’s including in the LED Screen Virtual studio hire?

When hiring our LED Screen Virtual Studio  Hire you are hiring a whole team, to create, manage and produce an amazing virtual event for you. You will come into the studio and film content live, as well as any pre-recorded segments. We will have a whole team of technicians capturing angles, adjusting lighting, monitoring sound, streaming content and providing technical support to your guests. Within your LED Virtual Studio Hire you are basically hiring an entire Virtual Production team.

How are your virtual events engaging?

We are not just another webinar platform, talking at guests instead of to guests! We engage, we create platforms for dialogue between attendees. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on creating engaging content, with multiple angles, audio jingles, transitions and more. Therefore creating an engaging virtual production, not just another uninspiring Zoom call. Additionally, we can include entertainment, gift packages sent to attendees and much more!

How many people can attend my virtual event?

By hosting a virtual event you are able to invite attendees from all across the world with theoretically no limit on spaces. However, generally, we would advise that our LED Virtual Studio service works best for between 20 guests up to 1,000. This is to ensure maximum engagement.

What are the benefits of hosting a virtual event?

Now more than ever it allows people to stay connected. Enabling companies to continue celebrating achievements and growing brands in a safe and covid-secure environment. Not only that, but virtual events are also easily scalable, allowing for maximum attendees, as well as considerably more cost-effective in comparison to their live event counterparts.

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