Live Streaming and Webcasting Services

Make your event accessible to thousands regardless of their location with our Live Streaming and Webcasting services

We offer an extensive selection of Live Streaming and Webcasting services to suit your event needs.

From building bespoke websites, entry points and meeting rooms for your users to use in just minutes, to providing LED studio hire to record and stream  Television quality content.

Did you know we can fully manage a live stream off-site? Our team are set-up to install complete remote live streaming from any location. Whether you’re hosting a big event or sharing corporate updates, we can ensure that you can stay connected.

  • Live streaming websites
  • Full custom branding
  • Lead capture
  • Event registration
  • Streaming analytics
  • Viewer interaction
  • Streaming and video archiving

Why book live streaming and webcasting Services?

Many companies choose to hire live streaming production. This is because it is an effective way of increasing their event experience.

Not only that but it makes guests who are invited to the physical event feel like VIPs. Additionally, it increases the chances of reaching new clients or customers.

By hiring webcasting production you can also create virtual and hybrid events for clients, guests or employees to attend. This can be an excellent way to host training or big announcements to employees.

With support from our event technology and event production services, we offer bespoke immersive and interactive Live Streaming and Webcasting services.

Therefore, whether you’re hosting a Product Launch, Conference Event, Festival Event or any other event for that matter, our events team will work with you to ensure we exceed all your expectations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get frequently asked prior to booking our live streaming and webcasting services:

What Is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is when the content being streamed is not pre-recorded, but filmed as it’s happening. Capturing the footage and streaming it live via the internet. We provide a full production service, providing multiple cameras and live mixing to achieve high quality and professional content.

What Is Webcasting?

Webcasting is like traditional broadcasting, distributed by streaming over the internet. It requires the use of special equipment. Compared to traditional broadcasting, webcasts are much more accessible and affordable. This is because companies can publish anywhere online.

How Many People Can View A Livestream At Once?

Thousands of viewers can watch a Livestream at once, but of course, this would have to be accounted for to ensure there are no errors and delays.

How Much Does It Cost To Livestream An Event?

This really depends on the type of event your want to Livestream, as the level of set-up and equipment required will really vary. Always get in contact to discuss with a member of the team to get a guide price.


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