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With Christmas being the time of year for giving we all know its really the time fro high street sales to sky rocket. Year after year we are asked by our clients in the retail industry to come up with brilliant ways in which we can not only increase but to entertain footfall over such a busy period in the year. Shopping centre entertainment is of course a fantastic way of doing so as its entertaining and of course engaging.

Engaging Shoppers

It is important for any brand to make sure that their customers feel a part of the experience when considering entertainment. Shoppers need to leave your store or shopping centre with fond memories of their visit. After all Christmas can also be a stressful time of year so here I shall touch on just some ways Shopping Centres can utilise entertainment and immersive acts to boost impressions and the overall experience of their shoppers.

Interactive Christmas Acts

Book our Winter Wonderland-themed stilt walkers for Christmas-themed events in the UK & London.
Family friendly walkabout Christmas character hire

Its important to choose right christmas entertainment that will excite and interact with shoppers and we know what good interaction is. A lot of the time it is families that visit shopping centres throughout the Christmas period so to keep Christmas acts family orientated is vital. Allowing families the opportunity to be greeted and spend time with walkabout Christmas performers can be a great way of boosting moral and overall possibilities of said shoppers returning.

Instagramable Entertainment

The Christmas Snow Globe for hire. Book our Christmas photo booth for Winter Wonderland events, Christmas-themed events or corporate events in London & the UK.
Igloo photo booths and snow globes

Christmas is a time for sharing and what better place to do so then on social media.

I mean lets face it, what better way of promoting your shopping centre than having all of the people who visit, become your very own social media team, a team of 1000s and a team with 1000s of connections. Giant snow globes and photo back drops are a simple and cost effective way of doing this. When thinking of different concepts for Christmas Entertainment it is a good idea to consider the back drop, the set and the theme of experience itself.

Give Something away

Victorian Chestnut Cart for hire. Our Chestnut Cart is available to book for Christmas-themed events, Victorian-themed events or shopping centre events in London & the UK.
Victorian Chestnut Cart for hire. Our Chestnut Cart is available to book for Christmas-themed events, Victorian-themed events or shopping centre events in London & the UK.

Give aways and free stuff is always a winner. Chestnut carts, mulled wine and perhaps even craft stands are a fantastic addition to your Christmas entertainment roster. When hiring any form of Entertain this Christmas that include give aways it can be a good idea to involve the shops themselves. For example, when we work with Newmarket each year we ask all of the high street stores to donate something from the shops in exchange for them to add their branding. This helps with the promotion of the shops and of course the high street itself. This is extremely cost efficient and very effective.

If you would like to have more ideas on how we can help your shopping centre with unique concepts over christmas then contact one of the team


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