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“I want VIP cinema tickets for the whole JCEM team for Avengers: Endgame, and I want Thanos there!” – Julia Charles, my very imaginative, Managing Director.

I was a little startled by these very strict and specific instructions (plus, it was only my second week into the job – ah!)

Firstly, I had to Google – “Who is Thanos?” and then quiz my colleagues “Is Thanos a supervillain type thing?”

I soon after realised I was one of the very few of the entire population, who was not on the Avengers hype, and in order to succeed, I had to very quickly jump on the bandwagon!

I had to come up with a social media campaign and fast! The film was soon to hit the big screen and I had to dust off my thinking cap.


  • I had to build-up this social media campaign and add some meat to the bones, whilst considering, budget, dates, location, risk assessment and all of them fun things!
  • I decided to create a skit ‘Thanos goes to watch Avengers: Endgame’

and this idea spiralled and grew into a meet and greet, Julia Charles Event Management Facebook live and interview – throughout this process I had to keep my main goal in my – ‘how will this benefit us as a company’

  • When the wheels started turning and my concept was approved, it was then time to search for my very own Thanos! Luckily enough we have a number of superhero entertainers, so this mission was complete in no time.
  • I needed a location for the day and the perfect place to bring the idea to life was ODEON Milton Keynes Stadium. This would be the ideal place to catch all of the Avenger ready fans!
  • I finally had all of my ingredients and now it was time to serve up a delicious campaign! Although, despite all of the preparation and planning – there was a few setbacks yet to come, and I will go into that next…

The event

The day had come and there was excitement in the air! We would be hanging out with Thanos for the day – never had I been so cool!

We met with the lovely team at ODEON and got set for our fun-filled day ahead! The team excitedly waited for the arrival of our special guest.

The excitement heightened when our performer brought along his friend Thor! Although the buzz was short lived, when we realised the costume was nearly 8ft, and I knew they do not make lifts Thanos size. I felt like the wall we hit was way too high to overcome, and just like that my first ever campaign would come crashing down.

We managed to dodge the setback and move the filming location to the downstairs area. This gave us plenty of room to film and prepare for the meet and greet.

The Avengers stars was a huge attraction for ODEON customers, as everyone wanted a selfie for their Insta story. Crowds of all ages were embracing the moment and enjoying the atmosphere.

My thoughts

Overall my first campaign was a total success! I was really pleased with the end product, as the skit proved popular and gave a boost to our social media channels. The ODEON were also very pleased with the entertainers and are keen to use our services again – great result!

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