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The bad news is…

Halloween is approaching scarily fast and the pressure is on for your event to go terrifyingly well!

The good news is…

The Julia Charles Event Management team are eerie experts when it comes to Halloween! Our Events Team pull all of the tricks to make your event a total treat!

We have a long list of thrilling testimonials from our clients, so we thought we would share

some of our Spooktacular top-tips, whether you’re planning your event solo or creepily curious about our event planning service!


Step number one – picking the theme for your event!

There are so many to choose from, but have some fun with it! The theme you decide on will influence every next stage of planning.

Therefore, it’s best to be 100% confident with your decision!

If you are stuck for ideas, here are the places to seek inspiration:

  • Julia Charles Event Management Website – take a look at our Halloween Themed Events section, and get inspired by our endless entertainment options, event production and catering services!
  • Have a look at our website case studies: Twisted Circus Halloween Party and American Horror Story – there are some great visuals to help create your vision
  • Pinterest is a perfect tool for getting inspired! There are thousands of visuals, which are shared by others, and these can be used to create mood boards – this will help you share your vision with others. Find our own Pinterest account here:


The venue is your main hub where your idea comes to life. Get creative with your location and do not restrict yourself due to your budget!

Of course, having a more generous budget is ideal, as you are freer to explore possibilities. Although do not be disheartened if this is not your situation. It is too easy to dismiss potential venues at first site, but look beyond an empty hall with scattered chairs. Transformations are not impossible and our events team thrive from achieving extreme makeovers, which you can find in our case studies section of the website.

When choosing a venue, it is import to remember the following:

  • Is the venue practical
  • Will this venue hold the number of guests attending?
  • Have you got permission to dress the venue, if so – are their restrictions    
  • Is the venue in a coinvent location for guests

Set date and time

Now the venue has been decided, you are one step closer to the final stages!

Once you have picked your date and time for your event – remember to give your guests plenty of notice prior the event date. This will give people preparation to make any additional arrangements to be able to attend.

When preparing the guest list always refer back to the number of invited guests, as this is crucial when planning catering, travel arrangements and facilities needed on site.


When the venue is confirmed and you have an idea of the layout for your set up. You will then need to think about props and décor. The most cost-effective and convenient action to take would be to hire props.

If you are restricted for time and needed the help of our event planners, we would need a general idea of props you are interested in. Then we would simply send you over a variety of options of your preferred props, along with pricing.

When you have chosen your props, we are more than happy to dress your venue if this would make your event run smoother.


Entertainers and performers are the life of the party! They bring the mood up and carry on the party throughout the night. Keep in mind your theme when arranging entertainment and we always recommend hiring interactive acts, as they are a huge hit with our clients!

We provide a wide range of professional entertainers, from walkabout, acts, contortion acts, a scary meet and greet act or a full-on horror show, we can help provide suited entertainment based on the guests, and the screams are guaranteed!


Halloween catering can be lots of fun compared to traditional catering. You can break the boundaries and get really creative with all types of dishes to wow your guests!

If you are unsure on what spooky treats to serve, our events team love suggesting all things gory and delicious. We also have a cocktail mixology service, which is highly recommended for Halloween events. The experience is interactive and perfect for guests Instagram accounts, which showcases the success of your event!

If you would like to know more about our services or would like to ask our events team for advice. Please contact us, as we would love to hear from you!

Happy Halloween!

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