A huge festival in east Asia, the celebration of Chinese New Year (or the Spring Festival) is a huge occasion across the globe, to mark the end of the lunisolar Chinese calendar.

Chinese New Year (or Spring Festival) falls on Friday the 12th February 2021.

As Chinese culture is a big part of many countries, this festival is an excellent occasion to come together with your friends, family or colleagues and host an event, regardless of your heritage.

In this post, we will be taking a look at some of the simple things you can feature at a Chinese New Year event to show your guests exactly how the new year is celebrated in the heart of Beijing.

We will share a selection of decoration ideas, Oriental props and some of our favourite themed entertainment.


When it comes to Chinese-themed props and decorations, you need to be sure that you’re creating the perfect balance of culture and wow factor!

Chinese Lanterns

This item is extremely popular for these types of events, and as I am sure you can see, it’s extremely popular for a reason.

When people come to a Chinese themed event, the first thing they expect to see is hanging Chinese lanterns and some sort of dragon-style entertainment (which we will come to shortly).

Chinese Theme Decorations and Lanterns we used to create the Chinese New Year Theme at our client's Gala dinner.

Another fantastic reason that people use Chinese lanterns during their events is because of what they symbolise; reunion. Since the Western Han dynasty (206 BC–220 AD), the red Chinese lantern has been hung at joyous occasions as a sign of festivity.

FUN FACT: The red Chinese lantern has been used to celebrate joyous occasions for roughly 1800 years!

Using the Chinese Zodiac Animals

Another huge part of the Chinese New Year is how every 12 years in the Chinese calendar are represented by 12 different animals. This makes it a great way to add some interesting decorations to your event!

For example, you could place all of the animals of the Chinese calendar around the room, you could use the different animals as themes for each table, you could use light projections of the animals on your walls. The choices are endless!

Origami Displays

Another big part of the East Asian culture is the ancient art of origami folding. As times have moved forward, origami art has got even bigger and more impressive, making it a great way to add an eye-catching attraction to your event!

We work with some impressive origami artists who offer everything from close-up paper folding to large scale displays for guests to admire, meaning you could certainly use this amazing craft at your next event.

Red & Gold Colour Scheme

If you have attended a Chinese-themed event in the past, then the likelihood is, it was themed in red and gold, which again, is with good reason.

In Chinese culture, the colour red is thought to bring luck and scare off evil, making it the most popular style of event dressing when celebrating the start of the new year.

Corporate Gala Dinner featuring Chinese New Year inspired entertainment acts. Available to hire UK

When choosing what to use your colour scheme on, your options are endless, draping, props, lighting, table dressing, dance floor, stages and more.

In addition to the popularity of red for Chinese events, gold is usually chosen as a secondary colour, as it signifies wealth and prosperity. I mean come on? Who doesn’t want that?

Chinese New Year Entertainment

Bring the excitement to your Chinese New Year event with some traditional entertainment!

Virtual Chinese New Year Entertainment For 2021

With COVID-19 restrictions currently in place (and most likely in Feb 2021), our Online Chinese New Year Entertainment has become a really popular option for clients looking to celebrate Chinese New Year without requiring travel or meeting in a physical group setting.

We offer some incredible Virtual Chinese New Year Workshops, celebrating many aspects of Chinese culture, such as our Virtual Chinese Brush Painting and Online Zodiac Inspired Origami workshops!

Client creating a Dragon Painting as part of our Virtual Chinese dragon painting workshop. We have a wide range of Online, Virtual Chinese New Year Entertainment available to hire for Chinese New Year 2021.
Client creating a Dragon Painting as part of our Virtual Chinese dragon painting workshop. We have a wide range of Online, Virtual Chinese New Year Entertainment available to hire for Chinese New Year 2021.

Chinese Lions

If asked, “what can you think of for Chinese entertainment?”, most people will say dancing dragons or lions, and here they are!

This form of entertainment is extremely traditional in Chinese culture and is a great way to entertain guests in celebration of the new year.

Dancing around your event in an impressive display of traditional choreography, the Chinese lions are extremely entertaining.

Chinese Stilt Walker

An excellent addition to any event, our Chinese stilt walkers are a talented group of performers that help your guests immerse themselves into the theme of your event.

Oriental stilt walkers in full costume, meeting and greeting guests as part of Chinese New Year event

These performers are ideal for meet and greet upon entry, walkabout entertainment and for photo opportunities.

Chinese Dragon Groups

These groups are another traditional form of Chinese-themed entertainment that is guaranteed to wow and entertain guests.

Our Chinese Dancing Dragon is available for hire for festivals in London & the UK.

Performing a perfectly choreographed dragon dance display, this group is ideal for Chinese New Year parties, Chinese-themed events and more.

Thank you for taking the time to read our top ideas & inspiration for hosting Chinese New Year-themed events. If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more, then please feel free to browse our other featured blogs.

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