So you are planning to put together an event, which you already know that you want to be Movie or Hollywood Themed. However, you have about 50 different favourite Movie Characters and you would like for all of them to make an appearance at your party!

Unless you are planning a huge scale event, you are probably thinking of reducing your list a little bit. In case you need help in doing so, we have put together a super effective personality test for you to choose the perfect Movie Themed Characters for your party!

Official license costume characters for hire

Personality Type 1: the Fearless 80’s Action Movie Lover

You absolutely love the 80s, and are not afraid of demonstrating it. Also, you do not turn down a good dancing party. You want Arcade inspired everything and like to dress yourself (and your house!) in the loudest colours. However, you also enjoy some post-apocalyptic fashion vibes. And what’s best? You are proud of it!

If that is absolutely you, you are in luck: we have got great Movie Characters and Stunt Performers for you. For instance, you will LOVE our Arnold Schwarzenegger lookalike and our Predator and Alien characters

Arnold Schwarzenegger lookalike for hire. Book our Movie Character across the UK

Personality Type 2: the Glamourous Cocktail Party Rocker

Your idea of a good party entails elegant gowns, a fancy cocktail bar and classy jazz music. Also, this party NEEDS to be set at the top of the tallest, trendiest skyscraper, offering you the best view of the night cityscape-you won’t have any other way!

You are a smooth-spoken, yet confident individual who requires the star treatment and you like to surround yourself by the best of the best.

Your dream party guests most likely are our Marilyn Monroe impersonator or any of our 007 Movie Characters. or maybe you would enjoy the company of our Winston Churchill lookalike? Who knows! You are full of surprises.

James Bond Daniel Craig Movie Entertainer available to hire for all events UK

Personality Type 3: The Superhero Movie Characters superfan

You have seen ALL of the Marvel and DC movies -and probably read at least 100 of the original comics. You like to spend your spare time fantasizing about an alternative superhero you, who lives in an unknown universe. Let’s face it: if you were not an accountant, you would be dressed in a tight leotard suit fighting crime!

Whilst we cannot help you suddenly develop superpowers, we can offer you the possibility to invite your favourite Superhero Movie Characters to your Themed Party! Whether it is Thanos, Hulk, Wonder Woman, Batman or even Deadpool, do not worry: we have got you covered!

Superheroes Film Characters for events in London and the UK

Personality Type 4: The Villain without a cause

We all have this one friend who is in love with EVERY movie villain -and if you do not have one, it means that you are that friend! The baddies are always more complex than the goodies and you yourself are an intricate character. You dress in black or gray a lot of the time and pull a face when people fuss after puppies.

However, you have a big heart and care lots for the few individuals that you let through. And you love to show them your appreciation with themed parties! If that is you, then you will love our Kylo Ren Lookalike, The Joker Movie Character or even Jaws, from James Bond.

James Bond villain Jaws movie character available for hire

Personality Type 5: The Netflix Series Serial binger

A lot of people will argue that this is not a personality type. And we will reply that they simply haven’t met the likes of you yet! And this is because your type can be a little bit reclusive, or a Homebody, as you like to call it. And no wonder you spend a lot of time at home: there are just TO MANY GOOD SERIES to watch!

However, contrary to popular believe, the Netflix Series Serial Binger types are extremely social and to put on parties. And of course, your parties tend to be heavily by all of these wonderful shows that you consume on a daily basis.

Well, we have got just the Movie Themed Entertainers for you! Some of our most notable ones are the Doctor Who David Tennant lookalike, Walter White TV Character and our Britain’s Got Talent Performers!

David Tenant lookalike for hire. Book our Doctor Who tribute act for your party

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