Throughout 2020 virtual conferences have become increasingly popular. Due to the rise of remote working and the inability to host live events because of restrictions, virtual conferencing has taken centre stage.

Furthermore, there has become an increasing expectation that virtual conferences need to be just as engaging as live conferencing events. With the continued lack of face to face meetings, virtual conferences have become even more vital in communicating key information within a corporate environment.

The key to success with virtual conferences is to make them engaging. Companies have found that investing in virtual conferences that are both engaging and interactive increases employee information retention. Furthermore, it creates an environment where attendees and delegates are able to input and learn, rather than just listening to information.

As a virtual conferencing company, we have had loads of experience in creating all kinds of virtual conference events. Clients are able to create the best conference for their needs by having extensive options in how to communicate their virtual conference to online delegates.

Virtual conference hosted in a TV studio and streamed out to digital attendees

What Are The Benefits Of Hosting a Virtual Conference?

By booking a virtual conference management team you will be guaranteed an exceptional and successful conference. There are lots of benefits to hosting a virtual conference!

1. You’ll Save Money

One of the biggest and most notable differences between virtual and live events is the cost. By booking a virtual conference you are saving money on lots of different areas. From the venue hire to the catering, the staging to the travel expenses of the delegates.

Yes, you’ll be spending money in other areas, however, in comparison, a virtual conference will cost you a fraction of the price of a live conference event.

2. Increased Attendance

By running your virtual event on an online platform you are making it easily accessible to all of your delegates regardless of location. Therefore making it possible for delegates from across the globe to join without the additional worry of travel and cost.

Furthermore, without the need to allocate in time to travel to and from the event, the likelihood of your delegates being able to attend is very high. Additionally, you are also more likely to be able to book highly sought after guest speakers as their availability is much higher for virtual conferences.

3. Evergreen Content

The great thing about a virtual conference is that you will create evergreen content. Meaning that all of your recordings, documents and other virtual conference resources are available to you as a back catalogue. Therefore, you can use it as collateral for months and years to come.

Due to the nature of virtual conferences, you’re able to stay on top of all new trends and technology. Both in terms of knowledge and skills as it is so easily accessible due to the fact that everything can now be done virtually.

This allows you to seek out industry experts from across the globe. As well as being able to access the latest technology to create your virtual conferencing event.

By making the most of webinars, live chat functions, break out rooms and more. Your attendees and delegates will be able to access content and gain new knowledge that may not previously have been available to them via a live conferencing event.

5. Easy Networking

With an abundance of in-event networking features, it has never been easier to connect with others. With live chat messaging functions, audio and video chat, as well as breakout rooms, online business card technology and the opportunity to submit questions to panel, it has never been easier to be heard at a conferencing event.

Your virtual conference managers will be able to show you all of the brilliant features you can use at your virtual conferencing event.

6. Quicker Feedback and Lead Generation

With most virtual conferences incorporating webinars, Q&As and various interactive opportunities, the ability to gather feedback quickly is much easier.

Due to the nature of online conferencing, not only are you able to gather that feedback quickly, but you are also able to store it. Making it much easier to address these concerns, questions or comments later on. Often with live conferencing events questions may not be asked or comments may be forgotten, by hosting your conference virtually, these will all be stored.

Furthermore, when signing up to attend your virtual conference, your online delegates will submit their information. Therefore making it much easier to contact them post-event in order to generate leads. This can be done through mailing lists and other software platforms.

7.The Eco-Friendly Nature of Virtual Conferences

There’s no denying that virtual and online conferences are much better for the environment. By eliminating the need to travel, as well as stopping the generation of waste that comes with hosting a live event.

Furthermore, virtual events eliminate the ned for brochures, businesses cards and other supplementary material which will most likely end up in the bin or discarded.

It goes without saying that if your company wants to effectively reduce their carbon footprint and support sustainable events then a virtual conferencing event really is the way forward.

Online conference filmed in virtual studio and edited to include bespoke transitions and backgrounds

Why have we seen a rise in virtual conferences?

The most obvious answer to this is of course Covid-19. Due to the vast amount of people working from home and the difficulty and risk in meeting in large groups face to face, virtual conferencing has had to take the lead.

Online conferences have been pushed to the forefront of industry communication out of necessity. However, with this, virtual conferences have been forced to improve immensely.

Offering all kinds of technology and creative virtual solutions there are lots of different formats that your virtual conference can take. From live, to pre-recorded, studio-based to mobile locations.

With all kinds of technological solutions and the opportunity to have bespoke transitions, graphics and jingles inserted. As well as the ability to easily include all kinds of virtual entertainment options including virtual guest speakers. Online conferencing has opened up lots more opportunities for corporate conferences.

What virtual conferencing solutions can you provide?

As virtual conference managers, we can create and produce many kinds of virtual conference for all different kinds of clients. We offer a completely bespoke service, therefore our clients can pick and choose what features they’d like to include. Here are just a few virtual conferencing services we have on offer:

  • Mobile Studio Hire
  • LED Studio Hire
  • Live Streaming and Webcasting
  • Bespoke Host Site Management
  • Break-out Rooms and Multiple Chat Rooms for delegates to virtually move between
  • Virtual booths for guests to visit
  • Ticketing Options
  • Company Branding and Backdrops
  • Bespoke Transitions and Jingles
  • Virtual Backdrops
  • Live Voting Technology
  • Virtual Entertainment and Guest Speaker Hire
Virtual conference pre-recorded in an LED studio ready to be edited and streamed out to online delegates

Furthermore, we can provide a full breakdown report of your virtual conference, post event, so that you can understand engagement levels, where people have logged in from, what functions where used the most and much much more.

Will Virtual Conferences Stick Around In 2021?

We suspect that virtual conferences are here to stay. As you can see from this article there are many perks that make online conferencing a really great way for companies to present to their delegates. Furthermore, with the ability to eliminate travel whilst still maximising on the impact to a wider audience, virtual conferences are making communication much easier.

We suspect that going into 2021 and indeed the coming years we will see a lot more Hybrid events. These are events that combine both live and virtual technology to create a best-of-both-worlds conference. With a number of guests being able to attend the live event whilst the rest tune in virtually.

It is clear that the pandemic has shaken up the conferencing industry and encouraged them to adapt and create exciting and engaging virtual platforms to host these kinds of events on.

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