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Why Choose Our Alice in Wonderland event Theming?

Alice in Wonderland is an instantly recognisable event theme that is popular for a range of event types, especially Corporate Parties, Birthday Parties, Easter Events and even Weddings! In fact, we created a gigantic Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding for a private client that reached the Rock ‘N’ Roll Bride, which you can read here.

See our Alice in Wonderland Wedding

As well as offering a range of Alice in Wonderland event theming, we also supply entertainment! We have a large catalogue of Alice in Wonderland Themed Entertainment to match your Alice in Wonderland Event, such as Alice on Stilts, the Mad Hatter Character, White Queen, Queen of Hearts Character more.

What Can We Provide?

What Events Can I Book An Alice in Wonderland Theme For?

Being that the Alice in Wonderland theme is so adaptable, it can be used for a wide range of events. For example, Alice in Wonderland Themed Parties are extremely popular in the UK, as the “Down The Rabbit Hole” theme creates a unique and interesting atmosphere for your guests.

The Alice in Wonderland theme is also popular for Award Ceremonies and Gala Dinners. By using vibrant Lighting, Venue Decorations, Alice in Wonderland Walkabout Characters and other unique items to have at events, you can send your guest straight down the rabbit hole!

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Alice in Wonderland Event Theming

The Alice in Wonderland theme allows for so much creative freedom when it comes to event production. See what we did with this “Alice in Wonderland on Acid” Wedding!

View Our Alice In Wonderland on Acid Wedding


Ideas for “Through the Looking Glass” theming

Our party themes are exactly what you need to blow your guest’s minds and send them down the rabbit hole for a night of Disney themes, movie entertainment, themed dining, stage performances and more.

We have managed hundreds of wonderland events for luxury clients around the world and have truly seen it all. So, if its giant Alice in Wonderland props you want, to hire drink me bottles, book Cheshire cat characters or a themed doorway, we’ve got you covered.

With the release of Tim Burton’s epic take on the Alice in Wonderland story, weddings for this theme, Disney themed events and Alice tea parties have massively taken off as one of the best themes for a fun night!


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