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Speakeasy themed event hire near London

Capturing some of the most iconic styles of history in these events, our speakeasy themed event hire is the perfect option for a Great Gatsby themed event this year. Using iconic flapper girls and roaring 20’s theming, our speakeasy themed event hire creates a unique experience for your attendees that make them feel like they’re at a party during the prohibition.

Another perk of our speakeasy themed event hire is the many options available for 1920’s room dressing. Hire old wooden barrels, classic wooden bars, 1920’s style catering tables, “say no to prohibition” drinks and much more amazing additions. With our speakeasy themed event hire, you can spend the night swinging’ and jiving away on the dance floor, or you can hire authentic Gatsby dancers to come and entertain you.

The options in our speakeasy themed event hire options go on and on, so simply get in contact to find our more today.

Roaring 20s party hire

Another popular option when hosting a prohibition era event is our roaring 20s party hire! Where our speakeasy themed event hire focuses on the lack of booze in the prohibition era, our roaring 20s party hire is all about the FUN! As the 1920’s progressed, people were encouraged to have more fun and spend more money, which leads to some pretty epic parties! Thanks to this, we now have our roaring 20s party hire, and it couldn’t be better.

As a part of our roaring 20’s party hire, you begin and end your night in total luxury. Much like The Great Gatsby themes, your guests are encouraged to dress up in creative 1920s costume ideas and prepare to dance!

For more information about what goes into our Great Gatsby theme and roaring 20s party hire, simply get in contact today.

1920s-Prohibition party planning

Throwing a 1920s-prohibition party is a great idea for theming conferences, weddings, birthdays and other special events. When planning a 1920s-prohibition party, our team combine 1920s event props, great Gatsby entertainment and other prohibition style event dressing to create a believable era style party. You can find a range of ideas for planning a 1920s-prohibition party on our website and other 1920s-prohibition theme party pages on Pinterest.

Twenties theme for hire

Another style of theme is an overall twenties theme. In this 1920s-style event theme, your night focuses on the whole twenties theme and combines prohibition themes, Great Gatsby theme, speakeasy event themes and other great options. A twenties theme uses a great range of twenties style decorations, room dressing and entertainment, which are extremely fun for you and your guests.


Gangster-themed party

Another huge part of the 1920s era was the rise of gangsters. With a huge impact on places like L.A, Chicago and New York, this piece of history has made for some great gangster style parties party events in the UK! A gangster theme party combines machine gun props, walkabout gangsters for hire and 1920s venue dressing to create an exceptional event.

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