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Hosting secret agent & 007 Bond party nights

One of the most popular movie themes in the events industry, James Bond theme parties are an excellent option for a range of events. In the past, we have provided our 007 Bond party nights to proms, weddings, birthday, exhibitions, product launches and many other themed events.

Why choose a secret agent & 007 bond party night? Well, this theme incorporates things like black tie event theming, luxury car hire, martini glass table centrepieces, casino games for hire and many other luxurious things that create an amazing event.

Our 007 Bond party night is a great idea for getting all your guests involved through James Bond event costumes, interactive casino tables and a range of martini bars for hire. It doesn’t have to end there, at Secret agent 007 & Bond party nights, you can hire classic Aston Martin DB5 cars to take pictures with!


How to plan a 007 party theme

When hiring a 007 party theme, there are some essential 007 party theme services all events need. First, at 007 theme parties, props are a must! Our selection of 007 props for party theming is a great way to make a simple venue more interesting. You can use 007 backdrops, James Bond statues, 007 signs and do movie wall projections.

Another great way to plan a 007 party theme is to add a Casino Royale-style theme to your event. The luxury casino styling from that specific James Bond movie is iconic and makes for an excellent idea for theming a James Bond party.

Bond themed party planning and event hire

When planning a Bond themed party, you should combine classic James Bond decorations, such as casino themes and exotic locations with a range of elegance. By doing this at your Bond themed party, you capture the excitement of a secret agent event, while having the amazing atmosphere of a casino night.

Another popular style of theming for 007 Bond themed party is a London theme. As James Bond is such an iconic part of British movie themes, using a London style theme at a Bond themed party is a very popular event theme idea.

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Casino Royale theme for parties, events and weddings

Another very popular idea for theming James Bond and 007 events is to use a Casino Royale theme. The Casino Royale theme turns your event into a fun casino night with the elegance of a formal gala dinner. Your guests can play on hired poker tables, roulette tables and plenty of other games that 007 enjoys himself.

Another fun part of a Casino Royale Theme is the chance to dress your venue like a scene from a James Bond movie. Your guests and take party in secret agent activities and other fun games that tie into the Casino Royale theme.

Looking for a themed events company to help you with corporate event theming?

Our themed event productions team is friendly and happy to help with whatever details you’re unsure about. Whether you need someone to give you advice or ideas for event theming or just to execute your ideas for the perfect corporate themed event, our team can offer you what you need.

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