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Why Choose A Sci-fi Themed Event?

As a company that offers sci-fi theming, we always strive to create the most up to date events, which has made our futuristic theme and sci-fi events extremely popular! By using all the most futuristic technology at our events, such as virtual reality and touchscreen technology, we are able to make your guest feel like they’re in the heart of a science fiction style movie.

Space And Futuristic Themed Props And Decorations

In addition to innovating our events with the latest technology, we also use all the most breath-taking sci-fi and space props and decorations. This includes an impressive range of space displays, science fiction props, sci-fi characters, Space and technology-themed table centrepieces and more.

What Can I Use A Futuristic Event Theme For?

A space theme can be used for a vast range of events for a wide range of different occasions. For example, private parties are an extremely popular idea for sci-fi events, as they can be made very exciting through lighting and technology.

Another excellent theme for space nights would be marketing events and product launches. If you are releasing a brand-new product that is the next step for your business, then a futuristic theme can create an excellent atmosphere to exhibit that through. As well as releasing products, you can use your futuristic theme at conference events! Use this theme to refocus your team on your company’s goal and future through fun attractions, futuristic room dressing and more.

Science fiction themed entertainment services

As well as offering a wide range of space-themed props, we can also offer an impressive selection of science fiction themed entertainment that will amaze your guests! With some of the most iconic sci-fi entertainment such as the terminator lookalike, alien walkabout creatures, giant robots for hire, Star Wars characters and more, we can turn your event into a space themed night that is out of this world.

If you are looking for space party ideas, then look no further, as we have everything you need to build the perfect sci-fi style venue. In our sci-fi themed productions, we offer everything involved in your event from futuristic venue dressing to science and space style catering.

Popular ideas for theming futuristic events

When hosting a future themed party, there are many theming options for you to choose from. For example, a very popular way to theme a space style party production is by using technology for entertainment. In future style events, you can use giant iPad tablets, interactive touch screens, robot characters and other interesting Space and future themed entertainment.

A way to theme a space and science venue is using metal decorations and LED furniture. By giving people what they expect, you can create a realistic, movie style Space event. Another popular way to introduce space and science theming into your event is through time travel. By using time travel as the basis of your event, your venue will feel like a science laboratory or time machine. A fun way of using this to your advantage is to use musicians from different eras throughout the evening.

Space and future party theming

Another popular style of sci-fi event theming is to use a space and future party theme. This theme opens up endless sci-fi theming possibilities through space props, space decorations, alien characters, science fiction character hire and much other space themed event features for hire.

By incorporating space age party theming into a future style function, your guests can experience an authentic sci-fi atmosphere at your event. A good example of space theming is planet props, time machines, moon rocks, star backdrops, star room draping, green and blue venue lighting, space alien walkabout characters and more.


Futuristic venue dressing

Through the decades, the concept of time travel has been very popular in science fiction film and television, which has made it an excellent way to theme a party! By using iconic futuristic props and decorations, you can send your guests travelling through time at your next event.

Futuristic venue dressing is a great way to hire themes for parties, but you can also hire it to dress a movie premiere! With the release of all of the new futuristic movies, it can be a great idea to hire a theme for your space around the latest futuristic film! another great idea for using futuristic theming is for children’s parties and events!

Aliens, monsters and Star Wars for events

A popular way to turn a venue into a science fiction night is to use decorations and entertainment from popular science fiction movies. Star Wars style decorations are a very popular style of venue dressing to use in futuristic parties.

Looking for a themed events company to help you with corporate event theming?

Our themed event productions team is friendly and happy to help with whatever details you’re unsure about. Whether you need someone to give you advice or ideas for event theming or just to execute your ideas for the perfect corporate themed event, our team can offer you what you need.

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