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Your Experts In Twisted Alice In Wonderland Themed Events

Twisted Alice in Wonderland has become an increasingly popular theme for events, for its fun, quirky yet subtly dark nature. It’s the perfect theme for pushing the boundaries of event experience, especially if your guests have high expectations that you need to live up to. Due to its versatility, Twisted Alice is a great theming choice for a variety of different events, including corporate and private parties, Halloween events and gala dinners.

Having years of experience in creating and managing themed events, we’ve built up an extensive network of entertainment suppliers to complement the unique work our design team put in to construct Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland Themed events. We can provide all the services necessary for this event theme, including venue procurement and dressing, AV & lighting, entertainment options, bespoke catering and DJ hire.

What Makes Twisted Alice In Wonderland Themed Events So Great?

If you’re looking to amuse and entertain your guests with a dark and psychedelic twist, then Twisted Alice in Wonderland is the theme for you! This distinctive theme is inspired by Tim Burton’s hit film ‘Alice in Wonderland’, which features stars such as Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway and earned great reviews from critics. This film has been influential on event design and theming, with the annual number of enquiries for this theme skyrocketing since its release in 2010.

We create bespoke entertainment, décor and lighting concepts for our dark Alice in Wonderland parties to recreate the surreal fantasy of the film. Check out the array of quirky walkabout characters, custom-designed props and vibrant lighting that could be part of your unforgettable experience with Julia Charles Event Mangement. Your guests will be having vivid dreams (or nightmares!) for weeks to come after the event. Once you have been shown down the rabbit hole, there is no easy way back!

Creating A Tim Burton Alice In Wonderland Themed Party

There is a considerable amount of work required to create a Twisted Alice themed party. Because there are so many crazy and unusual aspects to it, it takes an experienced, creative minded team to pull it off. We’ve found that clients for this kind of event normally have the mindset of ‘the crazier, the better’ and love their events to push creative boundaries. Attention to detail is an essential part of a Twisted Alice themed event, as it’s always the finer details that make a huge difference to the overall effect.

Our production service covers everything from venue dressing to entertainment and everything else in between. Over the years, we have used this specific theme to create exceptional experiences for our clients, all of whom have been amazed by the enchantment that it brings. We provide full event management services for a range of corporate parties, many of which have been centred around the Twisted Alice theme. Our suppliers love being part of a Twisted Alice themed event and we love transforming prestigious venues into the weird wonderland they ask for.

Twisted Alice In Wonderland Venue Dressing

Venue décor is the most important element of event theming and always the first thing we consider in the conceptualisation process. For a twisted Alice in Wonderland themed event, this is especially important, as visuals contribute hugely to the overall impact of the theme. Getting this just right is a challenging task, especially when you have a challenging event space to work with, so its vital that you pick an event planner that has a proven track record of producing outstanding Twisted Alice themed events.

Having had the privilege of working on many of these events over the years, we are experts in Twisted Alice in Wonderland venue dressing. Our specialist team quite literally longs for the phone to ring and someone gives them a Tim Burton-esque event to get stuck into. We work to make sure every inch of your event space showcases this wisely chosen theme and our designers can’t wait to get started on bringing your awesome concepts to life. As part of our venue dressing service, we will design bespoke props and decorations for every unique event and make sure that AV and lighting sets are made especially to complement these designs.

Venue dressing available to book for twisted alice in wonderland parties
Alice in Wonderland themed event production

What Can I Expect From Dark Alice In Wonderland Parties?

This is an event theme that is all about embracing the weird and wonderful, so you can expect an event that consists of crazy design concepts and whacky entertainers. We normally start off by having the guests enter down a bespoke designed rabbit hole, then lead them into a venue full of mind-bending props and décor with psychedelic light displays. This is where they’ll be greeted by entertainment that always makes you double take. Beware of the demon Mad Hatter who always seems to be lurking on the edge of your line of vision, he has always got a trick up his sleeve, and don’t let Tweedledee and Tweedledum fool you into thinking they’re naïve and innocent children, they will turn on you as soon as they get the chance!

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