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Becoming a holiday in remembrance of St Valentine in the 5th century, Valentine’s Day has become one of the most highly celebrated consumer holidays in the world! Through the years becoming a celebration of love and romance, this Mid-February holiday has taken off as an ideal time to come together to celebrate with one another at events and parties!

For some people, the idea of arranging a themed event from top to bottom can be quite a daunting process, which is why our event management team are here to offer not only the help you need to create a successful event; but the experience and resources to handle everything.

Here are just some of the services we can offer for our Valentine’s Day themed event productions:

  • Full Valentine’s Day venue transformations
  • Romance style catering services (strawberries in chocolate, heart shaped foods, full candlelit dining etc.)
  • Complete table dressing services (candles, rose petals, themed table centrepieces etc.)
  • Themed entertainment
  • Additional themes (Moulin Rouge, Romeo & Juliet, etc.)
  • Ambience lighting and audio equipment
  • And more!

For more information about the themed event services we have available for Valentine’s Day themed events, simply get in contact today.


Why choose a Valentine’s Day/Moulin Rouge themed event Production?

A huge celebration in locations all around the world, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to come together with the people you and celebrate that fact. With the exchange of cards and gifts, people are always looking for new ways to celebrate their friends, their partners and their loved ones, so why not consider a Valentines Day event!

As a Valentines Day incorporates so many vibrant colours and creative love themed decorations, you can truly create an amazing love event that will blow your guests away.


Valentine’s Day themed props and décor

As a part of Valentines Day events, you can use a selection of other themes to add some excitement to your event. A good idea for theming a Valentines Day event is Moulin Rouge theme, Love theme, heart theme, romance theme and more.

By using a range of Valentine’s Day decorations in your venue, you can transform your event into a Moulin rouge wonderland to celebrate this occasion. With heart-shaped props, red lighting effects, red LED furniture, Moulin rouge props and more, a valentines day themed venue can be an excellent atmosphere for your celebration.

How can I use a love theme at my next event? 

Although this style is perfect for Valentine’s Day events, you can celebrate several occasions using the different aspect of Valentine’s Day events. For example, using a Moulin Rouge is a great way to celebrate birthdays, parties and even Christmas party events.

In addition to using a Moulin rouge theme year round, you can use the actual Valentine’s venue dressing for your events, as it uses exciting entertainment and red venue dressing.

Another great way to use Moulin rouge is in conference event. As this theme offers vibrant entertainment and extravagant venue transformation, your guests and colleagues will be overwhelmed by your spectacular theme.


Valentine’s Day Entertainment

In addition to offering themed props and décor, our Valentines Day themed entertainment is an excellent addition to your Valentine’s Day event. With such acts as burlesque dancers, butlers, podium dancers, love heart stilt walkers, love song musicians and more, your event will be the talk of the town.

In addition to using our Moulin Rouge entertainment for you romance events, you can also use our themed entertainment for events all year round! A great example of this would be weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and more!

Valentine’s Day parties

As you know, one of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is by hosting parties. Although Valentine’s Day is a great time to be with your partner, hosting Valentine’s Day parties can be a great time to come together with friends, family and other guests. During Valentine’s Day parties, you can host shows, offer 3-course meals, hire a DJ and more! If you are planning to host parties in 2017, then this time of year cold be perfect.

Looking for a themed events company to help you with corporate event theming?

Our themed event productions team is friendly and happy to help with whatever details you’re unsure about. Whether you need someone to give you advice or ideas for event theming or just to execute your ideas for the perfect corporate themed event, our team can offer you what you need.

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