Why choose our Victorian Christmas Event Theming?

One of our more popular Christmas Event Themes is the Victorian Christmas Event Theme. This is because it’s such a unique theme that gives you a lot of creative freedom and as a result, produces some truly outstanding Christmas events! On top of being popular, Victorian Christmas Events are a very unique way of celebrating Christmas.

Transport your staff, friends or family (or a mix) back to the time of Charles Dickens, Sherlock Holmes and the Bronte sisters with our bespoke Event Theming service. Through using our services, we can design and build an authentic Victorian Christmas event for you and your guests to enjoy!

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What Events Can I Book a Victorian Theme for?

The Victorian theme is especially popular for a wide range of Christmas Events. This includes Office Christmas Parties, Christmas Award Ceremonies, Corporate Christmas Parties and more.

On top of this, the Victorian theme is often booked for Weddings, Corporate Events and even Product Launches. With the Victorian Theme being very flexible, it can fit into most event types. That’s why our Victorian Christmas Parties are so popular.

With that being said, Dickensian themed events fit perfectly into large public events! If you are looking to host a large Victorian Christmas themed event for a public audience, you can find everything you need here. Our Victorian Event Theming services cover everything you may need for any type of event.

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Victorian Themed Entertainment

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Victorian Christmas Event Theming

Our Victorian Christmas Event Theming will transform your Venue, Office or Home into a Victorian Christmas masterpiece! This is possible using our Venue Dressing services and unique Victorian Christmas Decorations. We can decorate your Venue with authentic oil lanterns, street lamps, food stalls and more.

We decorate your venue and events with authentic Victorian Decorations, including candelabras, event furniture and vintage-looking suitcases. Our creative event planners will also decorate your venue with fabrics and material that match the time period. As a result, your venue will have the perfect Victorian Christmas atmosphere!

Our event planners can design and build bespoke Victorian Themed sets using our bespoke Victorian Christmas Decorations. Not only do these look great, but guests can actually interact with them. We can use the newest technologies to create bespoke lighting and sound systems to enhance your event and create an authentic Victorian atmosphere. This will create the best Victorian Christmas party possible.

What Do We Need To Know?

As goes with any event, we need to know things like the location, time of the event and number of guests in attendance. However, our main focus is understanding the purpose of your Christmas event. Effectively, what are your event requirements?

Our Christmas Event Planners use their knowledge and prior experience to look at how we can deliver on your requirements. This is where our experience comes into play.

We then present different Victorian Christmas Event concepts to you and, if required, make the changes where you see fit.

It’s always best to fill in one of our enquiry forms here: Get in Contact

Alternatively, you can give us a call to speak to one of our event planners on the phone and what’s possible!


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Victorian Christmas Entertainment

As goes with any event theme, it’s a good idea to choose Themed Entertainment to match your Event Theme. That’s why we have a huge catalogue of Victorian Themed Entertainment, so you can match our Victorian Christmas Decorations with the entertainment.

Ranging from Victorian Christmas Carol Singers and Victorian Side Shows, all the way to our Victorian Policemen on Stilts, we have a wide range of Victorian entertainment options. As a result, it’s very easy to get creative with your Victorian Christmas Party.

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Victorian style catering services

Our bespoke event management service also includes themed catering. We can provide a range of authentic Victorian food from Victorian Chestnut Carts to Tea Carts, we supply it all. Your guests will be impressed with the authentic Victorian-themed food.

Our experienced event production teams thrive off creating themed events for our clients. With our professional approach and creative ingenuity, we can create the perfect event for you.

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Looking for a themed events company to help you with corporate event theming?

Our themed event productions team is friendly and happy to help with whatever details you’re unsure about. Whether you need someone to give you advice or ideas for event theming or just to execute your ideas for the perfect corporate themed event, our team can offer you what you need.

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