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Grab your six-shooter and throw on your cowboy hat, because our wild western-themed event productions are your chance to experience the old west.

Our Wild west themed events are a great way to celebrate any birthday, private event, corporate event or otherwise and can include:

  • Wild West themed entertainment
  • Full area dressing
  • Live animals
  • Western themed props
  • Delicious catering services
  • Audio, visual & lighting

To find out how you can host your next event in the Wild West, simply get in contact today for more information.


Hosting a Wild West themed party or event

As one of the most popular themes to hire for party events, a wild west party theme is the ideal way to create an authentic western experience for your guests. Made famous in pop culture by classic western movies, the old west has been recreated all over the world through parties, birthdays, conferences, weddings and other special occasions.

When you hire a wild west party event, you can create a classic western style venue by using a range of rustic decorations for hire. These event decorations can turn any simple venue into a classic frontier town or dusty old saloon bar.

Entertainment and activities for hire for Wild West themed events and parties

An exciting part of a western party theme is the many entertainment options that are available for theming a cowboy event. This can range from walkabout cowboy characters to rodeo bulls. 

In the past, we have supplied themed entertainment for a wide range of event styles and for plenty of different locations. For wild west summer events that are taking place outdoors, we recommend entertainment like our live horses for hire! They can be fun for adults and children at any event. For indoor events, we offer pop up western saloons for hire, cowboy shooting games, indoor bull riding and plenty for exciting attractions for fun days and events. 

Venues for hire for Western themed events in the UK

Choosing the right venue for a western themed event is very important, as you want somewhere that you can successfully transform into an authentic western town. The great thing about hiring western themed for weddings and parties is that you can turn any venue into the wild west.

We can help you transform indoor venues, outdoor space, fields, gardens and many other event spaces into a version of the old west.

An interesting service we offer is a full American frontier town for hire. You can hire shop fronts, saloon entrances, barrels, horse stables and many other things that you would see in the streets of the old west. Our American frontier town props for hire are a perfect effect to add to family fun days and outdoor parties.

Exhibition theming ideas and inspiration

Another creative way to use an old west theme is to use it in exhibition stands and trade show stands. Theming a trade show stand is a great idea for boosting foot traffic, so why not use something fun and exciting the link the old west? With the addition of western props, cowboy decorations and other event services, we can create trade show stands that will drive in clients.

A Wild west themed event is a very entertaining way to turn any function into an evening of cowboy fun for children and adults all the same. You can create a wild west experience through a range of different exhibitions and can engage new people through wild west games, western activities and old west props.


Western parties, games and attractions

Our western theming service is an ideal way to create a memorable experience for you guests by turning your venue into a western scene. As a part of this service, we provide a selection of Western parties, games and attractions. This includes our western shooting galleries for hire, our bull riding machines, our old western carriages and more.

The addition of western party games at your function is a great way to push your guests to interact and have fun together. If you are hiring this theme for a wedding, party, corporate event, team building day, or any other event, you can always create a fun time with our western attractions.


Hoedown party planning

Creating a hoedown party with our theming service is extremely simple. We take all the most impressive theming and decorations to help you to create a rustic and authentic hoedown party experience.

Some items available in our hoedown theme would be our hay bale seating, rustic wooden furniture, hoedown dance floors, hoedown backdrops and more.

Looking for a themed events company to help you with corporate event theming?

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