Valentine’s day 2021 is looking pretty different this year! With the UK in lockdown on the most romantic day of the year, as well as many other countries facing restrictions, proposing this Valentine’s day is going to take some creative thinking.

However, don’t despair! We’ve got lots of brilliant virtual proposal idea for you. So, whether you’re a long-distance lover, not in the same bubble as your partner, or looking to incorporate family members virtually in your proposal, we can help.

Let’s face it, the last year has been a make or break year for lots of couples. Therefore, if you’ve made it through and want to ask the person you love most to marry you you’re going to want to make it special.

Virtual proposal ideas for you to use to propose to your partner this Valentine's day

The Long-distance Lover Virtual Proposal

Long-distance relationships can be a challenge even at the best of times. Unfortunately, the pandemic has forced many couples into long-distance relationships. Meaning that couples may not have physically seen each other in a long time. With the uncertainty of when restrictions will be lifted, a long-distance Valentine’s day virtual proposal could be just the way to spread joy. As well as giving your lover something really special to look forward too!

There are lots of ways that you can do this. However, we suggest making your virtual proposal really personal to you as a couple.

Serenade Them

One of the ways that you could include virtual entertainment for your virtual proposal is through hiring a romantic virtual musician.

Tell your partner you want to celebrate Valentine’s day with them by having a romantic date night. Suggest that you both set up your dinner tables as if you were at a luxury fancy restaurant. We’re talking candlesticks, a chilled bottle of wine, rose petals, the works! Organise your food by either ordering in your favourite dinner, (coordinating times so both meals arrive at the same time) or by cooking your favourite meal.

Why not send a hamper over to your partner in advance! Include everything they need for the Valentine’s proposal. We suggest adding their favourite chocolates and bottle of bubbly to celebrate as well as a beautiful bunch of flowers.

You could even be super sneaky and hide the proposal in an item you send over in advance. Perhaps include the message in the back of a photo frame with a picture of the both of you together. Or go one step further and hide the ring in the ring box in a bear.

Secretly invite your virtual musician onto your Zoom call. Make sure they log in early so that as soon as your loved one joins they can hear the music. Then you can decide, do you eat your dinner, letting the moment build up until dessert and pop the question over your favourite song as a couple? Or do you ask them as soon as they get on the call, with the musician playing a song that you know your partner loves whilst you tell them how much they mean to you?

You could even sing them a song that you’ve written. Coordinating with your virtual musician prior to the virtual proposal so they know what tune to play.

Book a musician to serenade your partner with whilst you virtually propose to them this Valentine's day

Other suggestions for your long-distance proposal include:

  • Sending them a scavenger hunt around their house (get a friend or family member to hide the clues) with the last thing they find being the engagement ring.
  • Book a virtual mind reader for your Valentine’s day virtual proposal and get them to help you pop the question.
  • Organise a Zoom call with all your family and friends so that you can all be together when you propose
  • Face time them and go on a walk you both love going on and propose to them in your favourite spot
  • Book a virtual chocolate making class and get the instructor in on the plan. Ask them to write out a personal message in chocolate for your partner.

From Different Households Virtual Proposal

One of the most frustrating things for couples not living together through lockdown is not being able to spend quality time together. With such a limit on what we’re allowed to do, going for a walk with our significant other has become the highlight of our social calendars.

However, there are only so many walks one can do in a day, meaning that virtual dates have become a necessary way of spending time with your loved one. Therefore, if you are considering proposing this Valentine’s day but don’t live together why not consider a virtual element to your proposal.

With picnics off the cards and only being allowed to leave your house for exercise or essential travel, it makes meeting up tricky, meaning that a virtual proposal really could be the way forward!

Food Carving Proposal

Now we love a unique proposal so we’re keen to think of fun and creative ways for you to propose with the help of our virtual entertainers.

One Valentine’s day virtual proposal you might want to consider is booking a virtual food carving session. Now food carving isn’t just for Halloween (although we do love virtual pumpkin carving!). There are many foods you can choose to carve, picture the amazing fruit displays you see at the all-inclusive buffets on your holidays.

Therefore, why not choose to carve a watermelon together. Have your instructor teach you both how to carve a certain design. However, organise for the food carver to send a pre-carved watermelon in advance to you. Get it personalised with ‘will you marry me’ carved into it. Just before the end of the session swap your watermelon over with the pre-carved one. Then, when you do your big reveal, turn it around showing them the proposal message.

Virtual proposal takes place at a online food carving workshop

Other suggestions for a Valentine’s day virtual proposal to someone you don’t live with include:

  • Going on your favourite local walk, set up a camera to record the moment and live stream to your friends and family over Zoom
  • Take a picture of yourself in a public place with the proposal banner, we love this one where a Google employee managed to get himself on Google maps proposing to his other half
  • If your tech-savvy why not get an image to rank number one on Google with your partner’s name and your proposal like this guy did. Then get them to search the image whilst you’re on Zoom together!
  • Why not do a Facebook or Instagram live and publicly proposal to your partner. Make sure all your family know so they can watch along!

Living Together But Want To Incorporate Friends And Family In The Virtual Proposal

For a lot of people, proposing to their significant other is a family occasion. With people going bigger and better with their proposals there are so many ways to get your family involved in your Valentine’s day virtual proposal.

The Zoom Quiz Proposal

One way that you could pop the question in front of friends and family, as well as your significant other, is by hiring a professional virtual quiz host. Prior to your Valentine’s day virtual proposal talk to your quiz host and get them to organise a series of questions with the answers spelling out ‘Will you marry me (partner’s name)’.

Then invite all of your friends and families, don’t tell any of them what’s happening. Everyone will play along answering the questions and getting the letters. The final task from the quiz host will be to get everyone to work out what the letters spell out. Obviously, because you know you’ll let your significant other work it out. Then once they have you can get down on one knee and propose in front of all of your loved ones.

Top tip with this is to get the quiz host to screen record the session so that you can playback the exact moment your partner realises the answer!

Virtually propose to your loved one this Valentine's day on a personalised Zoom quiz in front of your friends and family

Other Suggestions For Involving Family And Friends In Your Virtual Proposal Include:

  • Send all of your family and friends t-shirts with letters spelling out your engagement. Get them to jump on a zoom call wearing their t-shirts.
  • Arrange a scavenger hunt where all of the clues are left at loved one’s houses. Get your partner to work out where the clues are, collecting them as you go with the final clue being at your house. Set up a Zoom call to catch the moment you propose.
  • Invite everyone on the call for some drinks and a catch-up. You could even book a virtual mixologist and pop the question over a cosmopolitan!
  • Tell your friends and family beforehand and get them to read out special memories about your partner, celebrating all the good things about them. Ending with you telling your partner how much you love them and virtually proposing to them in front of family and friends.

Make Your Virtual Proposal Special

Whatever way you choose to do it, whether with a big audience or just the two of you, Make sure the moment is special. The beauty with virtual proposals is they are easy to record and look back on. Additionally, in this day and age, everyone is so connected by technology. Therefore it’s easy to include special people in what may be one of the most important questions you ask in your whole life!

Be sure to take a look at our virtual Valentine’s day entertainment to get inspired by the different ways in which you make you Valentine’s day virtual proposal extra special.

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