What event seating Hire Options Do We Have?

We provide a wide range of event seating hire options, suitable for all types of indoor and outdoor events, both private and corporate.

See our range of event seating options available for your event:

  • Vintage, Rustic Style Seating
  • Banqueting Style Chair Hire
  • Wooden Chair Hire, Plastic Chair Hire
  • Modern, Contemporary Seating Hire
  • Outdoor Seating Hire
  • Bar Stool Hire
  • Sofa Hire, Bench Hire
  • Armchairs, Stools, Cubes
  • Seating for Children

COVID-Friendly, Social Distancing Furniture

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we provide event furniture that enables for social distancing rules and guidelines to be followed.

Our event seating and furniture follow social distancing guidelines to mitigate risk and allow your guests to enjoy your event.

Our Social distancing furniture sets include outdoor seating pods, outdoor restaurant seating, socially-distanced sofas, armchairs and more. We comply with Public Health England’s requirements for social distancing.

We also include items to maintain crowd control and enable safe, social distancing flow for staff and public. These include items like barriers, partition screens and panels.

It’s always best to speak to a member of the team to discuss any concerns you may have.

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Looking To Book A Seating Area For Your Event?

If you’re looking to book a unique seating area for your event, whether it be a corporate event, wedding or private party, you’ve certainly come to the right place!

With over fifteen years in the events industry, we provide bespoke seating areas and seating hire for private and corporate clients across the UK and Internationally hosting Festivals, Outdoor Events and plenty more.

Using our experience, we can provide comprehensive packages that cover seating hire for all types of events no matter where your event is taking place in the UK. Our seating hire can be made entirely bespoke to suit your exact needs and requirements; sizing, colours, style and more.

Seating Areas are crucial to any event with a larger number of guests and often act as a social hub at your event – your seating area is therefore very important!

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Interested In Our Seating Areas and Seating Hire?

Get in contact with one of our event experts to discuss our seating areas and seating hire.

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Providing The Best In Event Seating Hire

Make your event truly special with our event seating areas and event chair hire, available for private and corporate events in London and across the UK, including Festivals, Weddings, Corporate Events and Private Parties.

Our Event Seating Hire and Outdoor Seating Hire can be tailored to your exact needs and requirements. If you have specific size requrements, styles and colours you’re after, we can certainly cater to this.

We are known for creating unique, one-off spaces and our extreme eye-for-detail enables us to pull off the highest quality event spaces with our unique seating areas. Our event seating hire is very popular for clients hosting weddings and corporate events.

Our seating areas can be made for outdoor or indoor spaces, made to your exact sizing requirements. It’s always best to get in contact to discuss our seating area options and to get an up-to-date guide price on this service.

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