These modern Outdoor Seating Pods are a fantastic option for those looking to host outdoor events.

They allow groups to stay within their groups and can seat 6 at a time (the maximum number of people allowed in groups during COVID-19 restrictions). On top of this, our Outdoor Seating Pods can be adapted to be fully open, partly closed or fully enclosed.

Our Outdoor Seating Pods are made from robust, waterproof materials, protecting them from all sorts of weather; they can be kept outside for however long you need to hire the Seating Pods for. If you are looking for a place for people to meet, work or be a part of your outdoor event, our Outdoor Seating Pods will be perfect!

These unique Outdoor Seating Pods are not only very popular with clients looking to put on Outdoor Events, but they are also popular with restaurants and cafes looking to increase their seating capacity.

Our Outdoor Seating Pods are great for hiring as a part of your Outdoor Events. We are able to hire performers who can put on shows on pop up stages we can set up around your seating pods.

For example, you could have a band performing on a pop-up stage with roaming performers interacting with guests in the pods (at a social distance). Your guests can be seated in these pods whilst eating a meal, enjoying LIVE music and LIVE acts!

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How Is This Outdoor Seating Pod COVID Safe?

  • Only social bubbles to a maximum of 6 people allowed per pod
  • Masks / PPE has to be worn when outside of the seating pod
  • PPE worn by caterers who can bring food and drinks to these seating pods
  • If you hire our roaming performers or stage shows, these will be done adhering to COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions; kept a social distance from the pods
  • Pods can be ‘enclosed’ – effectively acting as a clear barrier between the performers on the other side of the barrier
  • Hired in an outdoor environment; COVID-19 swarms do not spread as fast in outdoor environments
  • These make for a fantastic experience and enable outdoor events to take place whilst adhering to COVID-19 restrictions

Read more about our COVID guidelines

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