Burlesque is not just a way of dancing but also a way of storytelling and empowering the people who perform it. Increasingly, we are finding an ever-growing demand for not just burlesque shows, but also burlesque classes. With many women discovering the powerful pull of burlesque.

Personally, we believe that there are so many beneficial reasons to both book and learn burlesque. Contrary to popular belief, burlesque is for everyone.

Therefore, whatever your body shape, whatever your ability you will be able to successfully perform and enjoy burlesque. Furthermore, burlesque is not performed in seedy men’s clubs, but at all kinds of events with all kinds of audiences and demographics.

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What Is Burlesque

Burlesque can often be confused with stripping, however the two are very different forms of dance. Typically in a stripping dance performance the aim is for the performer to reach a climactic reveal in which they remove all clothing, leaving nothing to the imagination. However with burlesque, the aim is to tease and insinuate nudity, without fully revealing oneself.

The word burlesque is derived from the Italian word “burlesco”, which, in turn is derived from the word “burla” which translates to ‘joke’, or, used in this context ‘comedy’. This is because burlesque is about storytelling and comedy as much as its about sensuality and anticipation. Traditionally burlesque was a combination of comedy and provocativeness, filled with female choruses, solo dancers, singing and slapstick comedy.

The genre has really evolved from its conception in the 17th century. In 2010 it was bought into the spotlight due to the film starring Christina Aguilera and Cher. Since then it has become an incredibly popular form of dance, both for performing and entertaining.

One of the best ways to learn more about burlesque is to watch it for yourself. Much like other art forms, burlesque dance is unique to the performers, and each burlesque dancer can have a different and varying style. Therefore, it is a good idea to look at a variety of different performers.

Below, are 6 reasons you should consider learning burlesque.

1. Burlesque Teaches You A New Skill

For many people, once they get out of school and university they don’t take on new learning challenges. By booking a burlesque class you are able to learn something fun and new with a group of like-minded individuals.

You may feel nervous initially, however, burlesque dancers are trained professionals and experts at helping people embrace themselves. When learning burlesque you don’t need a dancing background, nor do you need any other experience. Just a willingness to try something new and have some fun along the way.

Whether you choose to learn burlesque with a view to performing professionally, or perhaps just as a way of feeling good and moving your body.

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2. Burlesque Dancing Is Incredibly Inclusive

Regardless of body shape, size and ability burlesque dancing is inclusive to everyone. Furthermore, burlesque is an excellent way to learn self-love and celebrate your body and everything that it allows you to do. Burlesque teachers can tailor routines to suit different abilities, including chair routines if you are unable to stand. Additionally, it is not just women who can enjoy performing burlesque, men can learn too.

Burlesque is all about loving your body, whatever its appearance. Therefore, when taking a burlesque class there will be a strong focus on embracing your body.

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You’ll Feel More Confident

Because burlesque dancing focuses on self-love and celebrating your body, you will become more confident in yourself.

Many burlesque performers use alter-egos and characters to help express themselves. Therefore your burlesque dancing instructor can help you bring this into your routine, which in turn, will help you express yourself. By learning burlesque you’ll be able to release your inner goddess.

Burlesque can also teach you how to use props such as fans, feather bowers, removal of garments and more to aid you in feeling more confident.

The beauty of learning burlesque is not only will you feel more confident with your body and with your partner, but many people feel more confident with themselves in general which can help in many aspects of their day to day life.

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Burlesque Helps Channel Creativity

As previously mentioned burlesque performers often take on different characters and personas, expressing themselves through dance and singing. This means that performers are able to really express themselves creatively through multiple different outlets.

Burlesque encourages the performers to embrace and revel in their uniqueness and it is this that makes burlesque such a popular way of channelling an individuals creativity.

Furthermore, with the large variety of props and costumes available, you can create a performance and routine that is completely unique to you.

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Burlesque Dancing Is Great For Health

Burlesque is a fun and creative alternative to working out at the gym. Through learning and practising a burlesque routine you typically use lots of different parts of your body. From building your calve and leg muscles from dancing in heels to strengthening core muscles throughout your body and getting a good cardio workout in.

Furthermore, burlesque dancing is an excellent way of looking after your mental health and wellbeing. In burlesque, you learn about self-love and body appreciation which has so many benefits to your overall wellbeing.

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Booking A Burlesque Class

If the above points have motivated you to learn burlesque why not take a look at our burlesque dancers. We offer both virtual and live burlesque classes that can take place one on one, or as part of a larger group.

Burlesque classes can be an excellent option for hen parties as well as celebratory events and as a weekly activity to keep you feeling fit and healthy.

As an Entertainment Agency, our event managers can also arrange for professional burlesque dancers to perform at your next event. Whether you’re hosting a gala dinner, private party or corporate night our burlesque dancers are an excellent option. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

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