The Acrobatic Living Room

Our walkabout act is a collective of professional acrobatic performers with an extensive repertoire of acts built over four years of training and performing together.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • Inventive Circus Acts
  • Fast-paced entertainment
  • Bespoke production
  • Intimate performances
  • Previous clients such as Deutsche Bank and National Centre for Circus Acts
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Watch our Acrobatic Performers right here!

In this video our walkabout act showcases their ability to adapt their performances, our bespoke production can tailor their act for your event.

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Our acrobatic performers specialise in creating an intimate performance environment, where they bring the thrill of the circus up close and personal to the audience.

This walkabout act has an extensive repertoire of ready to go acts ranging from an illusion based theatre piece where our acrobats dive in and out of our purpose-built Circus Sofa, right through to a slick “Acro Cocktail” act where our performers make a cocktail for one lucky onlooker whilst performing a fast-paced acrobatic routine.

They have performed in spaces ranging from an 8m Diameter yurt in East Sussex, to a high-end west London cocktail bar, our bespoke production has even taken over an entire theatre in North London for an immersive promenade style performance. This circus entrainment has the transport, equipment and experience necessary to install in any venue in the UK and Europe, they also supply our own lighting and music.

Our acrobatic performers are on the hunt for new spaces and opportunities to share their magic and bring the circus into ever smaller and creative spaces. this walkabout act loves interacting with people and they would be well suited to reception/party walkabout environments. In the past, they have even provided porting/waitering services as a means of disguising themselves as performers.

This circus entertainment has devised and developed their own blend of circus, dance, live music, physical theatre and live art – always with the emphasis on audience interaction and involvement. They do this by transforming any given space into ‘the circus’. Our bespoke production wants to make circus and performances adaptable to both on and off stage environments, offering the audience a chance to experience circus arts, in places they would not expect.

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