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Why you should consider Event Theming

By choosing to have a themed event you are choosing to elevate your party or special occasion.

When planning a theme we consider every element that goes into creating your themed event, from styling to catering, prop hire to entertainment. By centralising all of these separate factors under one event theme we are able to create a flow and story for your occasion.

The great thing about event theming is that it can be applied to all kinds of occasions whether your hosting a corporate event or an intimate party. Not to mention the fact that your themed event can be as overstated or understated as you like.

You might want to loosely theme your event around a colour palette or style, or perhaps you want it to be bold and make your guests feel like they have been transported to another time and place. The beauty of event theming companies is that we make sure your creative event theme is bespoke and suited exactly to your style and taste.

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What Themed Events do we offer?

Themed event hire isn’t just for seasonal parties! We offer lots of event theming that you can use throughout the year regardless of the season.

Whether you require Event Theming for an annual event such as your work Christmas party or you’d like to theme your next Product Launch or Luxury Party, we can come up with a theme to showcase your event.

Year-Round Event theming:

Winter Wonderland venue dressing lighting

How do we Transform your Venue into a Theme?

Professional props and set design are a crucial element in coordinating a successful themed event.

Luckily, we have an event design team busting with ideas and creativity ready to transform your venue.

Whether you’re planning a Gala Dinner, Product Launch or Exhibition Event, having the best-themed props is essential to the overall success of the design. This is where Event Theming Companies come in, we provide in-depth knowledge of the events industry.

With this knowledge we get to know your event inside out, ensuring that we come up with a consistent flow to run throughout your themed event.

We assess the scale of your venue and create decorations and theming around size, functions and requirements. Additionally, our event team can send you CAD Drawings and Digital Interactive Models where you can see what your event will look like!

Event Theming Specialists

Event Theming is one of the best ways to bring a party together and elevate your client and guest experience!

Therefore if you’re looking for a company to create your Themed Event look no further! Additionally, with over a decade of industry experience and a team bursting with creativity, we are sure to pull off an unforgettable event!

Our portfolio showcases some of the amazing events we’ve created. Covering events of all sizes and scales from big corporate events to intimate private parties. We are a leading Event Theming Company based just outside of London working in the UK and Internationally. Thriving from coming up with new Creative Event Themes, we guarantee to blow you away with our Themed Event Hire.

Alice in Wonderland Themed Event Hire

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Looking for a Themed Events Company to help you with Corporate Event Theming?

Our experienced and creative team will work you to provide complete planning and production of your Themed Event.

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