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About Us

Here at Julia Charles Event Management, we provide you with fantastic event management, event production and wonderful entertainment options.

We cater for any event from family fun days and private events to corporate events and brand activations.

We are not satisfied with being anything short of exceptional. We have built relationships with a range of entertainment experts and professional service providers, but this would mean nothing without our creative insight and expertise in concept design. It’s possessing the unique vision and impeccable craftsmanship we apply to your initial idea that makes our services exceed expectations.

We harvest the most abstract and outrageous fruits of your imagination and put them together to create a living, breathing event that couldn’t be more familiar to you, but that you can’t quite believe is taking place in real life.

Our team designs events with you in mind, working tirelessly on each and every finest detail until it perfectly represents your original concept. Let us introduce you to the people who make this possible…

Michael Charles

Creative Director

Julia Charles

Managing Director

Our Vision

Our vision is to build an event management brand that will become the number one choice for both individual clients and corporate clients across the UK and internationally. Our vision reflects our values.

Our Core Values:

•    Deliver WOW through service

•    Embrace and drive change

•    Create a fun workplace

•    Be adventurous, creative, and open-minded

•    Be honest

•    Build a positive team and family spirit

•    Have a passion to be the best at what you do

•    Pursue growth, run it like to you own it!

Meet the Team

Donna Terry

Events Team Leader

Gemma Cripps

Event Coordinator

Bethany Presgrave

Event Coordinator

Joanne Castro-Gower

Business Development

Anna Quiroga

Digital Media & Marketing assistant

Ryan Murray

Website & Media Assistant

Barnaby Bear

Lion? Bear? Dog? who knows

Brands we've worked with


Planning Your Company Christmas Party

So it’s your job to organise this year’s Christmas party and you’ve already realised that it’s a lot more work than you thought it would be. From finding the right venue, on the right date and at the right price to booking the best entertainment and of course picking the food and drinks vendors, there’s … Continued

michael charles

Who is Michael Charles?

Creative Director Michael is our creative director at Julia Charles Event Management. Not only is he an expert event manager, but is renowned amongst our client base for the exceptional creative insight of his concept design. Within minutes of one his trademark ‘eureka moments’, he is able to draft a 3D visual proposal on his … Continued

Julia Charles - Director of julia charles event management

Who Is Julia Charles?

Managing Director Julia is the co-founder and managing director of Julia Charles Event Management. She has been in the industry since anyone who knows her can remember and quite literally lives, eats and breathes events! Her unprecedented industry experience is what gives this brand its pedigree, helping our team turn seemingly impossible proposals into spectacular … Continued

C&IT Awards Venue

How to Prepare for A Networking Event: 5 Must-Do Tips

These tips are simple, but efficient, and they are guaranteed to help! Firstly, standing in a room full of strangers, knowing you have to make a good impression for potential future opportunities – this sounds as daunting as a first date. (Side note – it won’t help to “imagine everybody naked” to calm your nerves) … Continued


What do Digital Marketing Assistants do?

My name is Rachele Gramegna, I am 26 years old and I am a Digital Marketing and Social Media Assistant at Julia Charles Event Management. The usual response to that introduction of myself would go a little something like this: Population: Urm… What is your ACTUAL job? So… Basically, you just tweet all day?! Me: … Continued


How to plan the best Halloween party for your company

The bad news is… Halloween is approaching scarily fast and the pressure is on for your event to go terrifyingly well! The good news is… The Julia Charles Event Management team are eerie experts when it comes to Halloween! Our Events Team pull all of the tricks to make your event a total treat! We … Continued


Animation for Beginners: Where to start?

I have always absolutely ADORED animation. However, I never thought it to be between my reach. How could I even get into it? Where would I study it? What professional outcomes would this path even have? When you think about it, it is quite a complex concept to get a grasp: you basically create a … Continued

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