What Event Technology Solutions do We offer?

Whether you need technology for your live, virtual or hybrid event we offer a wide range of event technology solutions.

Ranging from interactive in-app maps with live data to custom-built metaverse-style platforms as well as AR technology.

We work with you on a bespoke basis to create a customised event technology solution for your event.

Our Technology Services Include:

  • Live Event Apps
  • Metaverse Platforms
  • Hybrid Solutions
  • Managed Services
  • Streaming Solutions
  • Registration
  • AR and VR Technology
  • iBeacon Tracking Technology
  • Interactive and Immersive Event Tech

Working with the latest technology we can provide event tech solutions for your live, virtual or hybrid event.


Bespoke Apps To Take Your Event To The Next Level

One of the event tech options we offer for live, virtual and hybrid events is our range of interactive and solution-driven event apps.

As a Multi-Platform Provider, we provide our clients with a variety of event technology solutions, allowing our clients to choose the right event technology to suit their challenges and objectives.

The Multi Platforms We Offer Include:

  • SpotMe
  • AirMeet
  • Grip
  • SwapCard
  • EventMobi
  • LaunchTV

All of these apps offer unique technology solutions, with the ability to connect delegates, customise platforms to reflect company branding.

Our apps also host live and pre-recorded content as well as access AR technology and even have the ability to live-track delegates attending events.

Whether it’s a virtual conference or hybrid exhibition, we have the event app to support your goals and desired outcomes.

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Interactive Event Mapping Solutions

Create the ultimate user experience and ensure your guests don’t miss a thing with bespoke event mapping technology.

Our tech team will work with you to build a bespoke mapping system for your event with interactive features, branding and live event information.

Your guests will simply need to scan a QR code at the event and then they will be able to access an engaging interactive guide to your event.

From tracking, shows, talks and entertainment – whether that be bands, guest speakers or walkabout performers. To accessing route planner information, live leader board tracking and much more.

The event map will be completely tailored to provide solutions to your event, whether it be a sports event, festival, fan zone, conference or exhibition.

Compatible with both IOS and Android, no attendee will be left behind with this event technology solution.


Live Event Apps To Boost Your Event

Gone are the days of attending events and relying on paper handouts to navigate the event, hoping you don’t miss anything.

With so many different live event app solutions available, offering a completely customisable service, your live event app will ensure your guests don’t miss a thing!

Utilise a wide variety of event technology services within your app to ensure delegates stay informed, keep engaged and feel involved.

From live polling, Q&A sessions, digital agendas, real-time notifications and event mapping technology you can maximise the potential of your event and the engagement of your attendees.

We love live events and by utilising creative event technology solutions you’ll ensure your delegates never want to go back to virtual.

integrate Metaverse technology into your event

Level up your virtual or hybrid event by creating a metaverse-style universe for your guests to interact in.

Our Event Managers are able to offer all kinds of Metaverse inspired event technology services. From fully immersive metaverse solutions where users create and navigate their own avatars around an event space.

To a more user-friendly metaverse where users are immersed in a metaverse style event but without the frustrations of trying to manually navigate their own avatar

Our tech designers are also able to digitally replicate any event space. This is a great option if you are running a hybrid event, as we can completely replicate the in-person event space. Creating a synergy between the virtual and in-person elements of your hybrid event.

The beauty of booking our metaverse technology services is that we can work to any brief and any design requirement. The only limit is your imagination!

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Fun & Interactive Event Technology Solutions

If you’re looking for interactive, fun and engaging event technology solutions, we have lots of options to choose from.

From simulators to interactive touch screen technology. Data capture and leader board systems to content capture and more.

To make your event more memorable it is great to incorporate interactive event technology services that attendees can join in with.

Whether that’s through content capture and sharing solutions such as 360 projection and global snaps, virtual mosaics, gamification and more.

Or perhaps through simulator technology where top scores are recorded on interactive leaderboards and the winners can choose prizes at the end of the day.

By incorporating fun and interactive event technology solutions you will ensure your attendees create great memories, increase their engagement and their tangible experience, therefore creating a successful event.

Event Technology services for corporate Live Events

Whatever your event, we can create bespoke event technology services to support your live event.

Whether you’re hosting a live exhibition, conference, product launch or large-scale outdoor event or festival, our event technology is able to work with each client on an individual basis to create bespoke technology that works for your event!

For more corporate events our SpotMe event app is an excellent option, with completely customisable options:

  • Easy access to event information
  • Book round table discussions
  • Itinerary access including when and where discussions are taking place
  • Networking options

This is also an excellent bit of software for accessing data, recorded content and attendee information post-event.

Additionally, we are also able to offer great event technology solutions like our iBeacons:

  • Reporting on how long people interact at a stand for
  • who they come into contact with
  • Popular stands or event spaces.

Virtual Design Studio

Our 3D renders and visuals are a fantastic tool to support you in showcasing your event to potential partners, sponsors and invested parties.

Through our virtual design studio, we create 3D designs and renders of your event space to help bring your event to life and enable you to clearly see how it is going to look.

Just some of the 3D Design Services we offer include:

  • Ideation & Concepts
  • 3D Visualisations and Renders
  • CAD &Technical Illustrations
  • Branding & Artwork

Our team of highly experienced in-house creatives and digital experts focus on bringing your immersive experiences to life through virtual design solutions.

Furthermore, our team is on hand to help integrate other event technology solutions into your event.

In Event Gamification

There are multiple different ways we can incorporate event gamification to increase attendee participation.

An example of this is offering prizes and rewards for challenges our clients can pre-arrange to fit the company’s individual goals for the event.

For example, if the goal is for attendees to network a prize can be set for the person who networks the most (tracked by our event app software and QR codes.

They can even have the option to choose what prize they want to pick- this creates a really competitive environment and a surge in attendee engagement!

Our event technology team can design an in-app rewards section with a live leaderboard as well as images of prizes.


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