Who are Julia Charles Event Management?

Julia Charles Event Management is an established event management company based in the UK that works on a global scale with over 20 years experience in the events industry!

We have built our reputation on first-class event management services and a commitment to excellence, with our portfolio including a large number of Corporate Events, Themed Events, Product Launches, Award Ceremonies, Conferences and many more for International and UK based clients.

As corporate event planners, we are not satisfied with being anything short of exceptional. Using our expertise and creative insight, our passionate team fine-tune every aspect of your event to deliver on bringing you an unforgettable event that will be talked about for time to come!

Depending on your needs as a client, we can provide everything from Venue Sourcing and Venue Dressing to Event Production and full Event Management services. We also provide world-class, award-winning entertainment for your event!

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Why Should I Use an event management company?

Event management companies save you time and money while delivering a well-planned, creative event with a format that works for you!

One common misconception about event management companies is that they will cost you more money, but this is far from the truth. Event management companies with established connections in the events industry with venues, performers, suppliers and more can negotiate prices on your behalf, giving you better value for money when it comes to your event!

Using event management services will save the stress and time it takes to plan and put together an event. Instead of organising every aspect of your event yourself, you can use an event management company to do this for you, meaning the only thing you have to do is agree on a date and budget. It also ensures nothing is overlooked such as insurance and logistics. On top of this, it ensures the event runs smoothly on the day!

An experienced event planning company will have organised several event types for a wide range of clients meaning they will have a tried-and-tested formula for delivering events to suit a purpose and brand. Not only this, they will have a creative insight into what your event could look like, therefore delivering a unique event that will not be forgotten.

Every event requires its own unique services, whether it be a themed event, birthday party or any other event and needs to be managed differently depending on the client and their needs. Once we’ve established your event concept and budget, we can start putting together an event package, using our corporate event services, that covers everything you need for the event of your dreams. Then all you have to do is enjoy the party with your guests. That’s the beauty of working with an events company.

Full event management Cirque Bijou Creative Production.

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Julia Charles Events

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How do I choose the right event planning company?

If you’re looking for the best corporate event services and corporate event planners in the business, a great starting point is to look at event management companies who have:

  • Experience providing a variety of events
  • A Good Reputation
  • A Creative Insight

Choosing an experienced Event Management company will give you a smoother planning experience when your event is being put together. Experienced companies can anticipate any problem that may arise and have ready-made solutions to overcome them.

Reputation is important because it lets you know they’re reliable. Always check reviews and look through the company’s case studies to check that their events live up to the standards they advertise and if their style suits you!

Creativity is the final and most important factor, in our opinion. Having a creative events company on your side means your event is guaranteed to be unique and a cut above the rest. Experience and reliability count for nothing if your event is mediocre.


Event Planning Company Renowned For Excellent Customer Care

As an event management company, customer care is one of the values we are built upon. We firmly believe that customer care is paramount to being successful in business and strive to give our clients the experience they deserve.

If you’re booking any type of event, where it be a corporate event, themed event or other, it’s imperative that you receive clarity, commitment and care throughout the whole process. Our corporate event planners ensure our clients are kept up to date through all stages of planning the event and believe that transparency is key to achieving high levels of quality and keeping clients satisfied, no matter the size of your budget.