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As a Virtual Events Company, we offer every virtual event service you could need to organise, manage and produce your online event to organise your virtual corporate events.

From providing Virtual LED Studios for producing your Online Conference in, to providing live streaming and webcasting for your online private or virtual corporate events.

Furthermore, our virtual events company can offer either full-package or single service bookings. Therefore letting our clients book as many or as few virtual event services as they need for their virtual corporate events.

As well as lots of virtual and online production and management services, we also offer an extensive portfolio of online entertainment and virtual workshops to book. These can either be booked individually or as a full entertainment line up for larger virtual corporate events.

Additionally, our Virtual Events Company offers excellent hybrid events. Combining virtual event services with live events to create a hybrid experience. By combining virtual event technology with live event services we’ll produce an excellent event for all attendees.

If you are looking to combine your virtual event services with other event services take a look at our other what else our event management company can offer.

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Virtual Event services

As a virtual events company, we offer a whole host of virtual event services for online private and virtual corporate events.

Our goal is to provide our clients with every service they need to create their online experience. Here a just a small selection of some of the virtual event services our virtual event company can provide:

  • Created on-demand content (pre-recorded)
  • LED studio
  • Green screen technology
  • Broadcasting from a studio live
  • Live editing team to stream curated content
  • Studio hire for virtual events (with the option of branding and set-dressing)
  • Live-streaming, webinars and webcasting
  • Choice of event platforms
  • Custom built websites
  • Virtual Entertainment and Speakers
  • Gift boxes and PR packages sent to attendees prior to virtual events
  • Producing interstitial video

Hybrid Event Services

Our live and virtual events company produces exceptional Hybrid events combining a combination of services to create an inclusive event

Our aim is to ensure that whether you’re attending virtually or in-person you receive the same amazing event experience. This is an excellent option for virtual corporate events

  • Bespoke Mobile studio
  • Live-streaming, webinars and webcasting
  • Live audio and video
  • Break out rooms for virtual attendees
  • Entertainment and guest speakers
  • Sanitising stations
  • Covid- safe entry and exit facilities
  • Attendee gift bags/ resources and materials sent to virtual attendees in advance
  • Live editing team to stream curated content
  • Bespoke digital backgrounds for virtual attendees
  • Live-chat functions

Pre-Recorded on-demand Virtual Events

This is an excellent virtual event services option if you’ve got multiple speakers and lots of different content for attendees to absorb.

If you’re hosting a virtual or online event with lots of speakers or perhaps different ‘rooms’ that delegates can go in and out from this can be an excellent option.

It takes the pressure off of the speakers as they are safe in the knowledge that they are not live. It also allows for smooth transitions from different content. Furthermore, it allows delegates to absorb content at their own pace.

As a virtual events company, we’ve got plenty of experience in creating pre-recorded online events. Therefore, we can make your pre-recorded event look like a live event if you wish. Using clever camera angles and encouraging speakers to ignore small mistakes and host as if they are live.

Then on the day of the event, our virtual events company manager will oversee the production and IT team who are on hand to live stream and offer technical support if and when needed.

Broadcast Live or Pre-Recorded Online Events

Whether you’re choosing to host your online event live or stream a pre-recorded virtual event, we’ll deal with all of the broadcasting and live-streaming.

These events can either take place from our dedicated Studios or, alternatively, can be broadcasted from our mobile (on-location studios).

Whatever studio you choose our virtual events company will have a full filming team and technical team on hand. With multiple camera setups including single, 360 or multi-camera capturing our virtual event company will film and stream your footage across multiple platforms.

This virtual event service is great for engaging with your online delegates. Working really well for panel discussions, live Q&As as well as giving the speakers the opportunity to interact with the in-chat experience option.


Hybrid Experiences

A hybrid event is any virtual event that has a live component to it.

It can be for any kind of event, from a conference, exhibition, training seminar or awards ceremony. Combining an in-person live event, which a handful of guests can attend. With a complete virtual set up which your other guests can log-in to.

Both events will include lots of opportunities to engage and interact with one another, ensuring that regardless of whether you’re attending the live or virtual event you will get the same experience.

The virtual element of your hybrid event can be streamed worldwide to ensure delegates from across the globe.

Virtual event Services

Not only do virtual events minimise risk, but they also maximise attendance and global reach whilst remaining environmentally friendly.

Our clients want slick, high tech, state-of-the-art technology for their events. By choosing a combination of our Live and Virtual Event Services our Virtual Events Company can create a unique and engaging event

We provide high quality, experienced technicians to oversee all of our Online Private and Virtual Corporate events. Therefore creating a professional, smoothly run and visually impressive virtual event that allows attendees to interact as if they were attending a live event!

One of the most important factors for us when providing virtual event services is ensuring the guests are engaged and interacting. As a world-class virtual events company, we want to emanate the feeling of being at a live event whilst attending a virtual event.

This becomes even more important when running virtual corporate events as it is vital that attendees gain knowledge and skills from these online events

This is why we believe virtual entertainment is a crucial part of any virtual event. Whether you need a 10-minute interlude or would like a 1hr 30minuite interactive activity we have so many options to choose from. Including but not limited to virtual online games, food and drink workshops, virtual craft workshops, live stream music, virtual magicians and much much more.

Therefore, maximising engagement, understanding and enjoyment of virtual corporate events. We also provide analytic technology as part of our virtual event services, to assess your online events post-event to understand how certain attendees have interacted with the platforms used.

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Why book a Virtual events company

Virtual events are easy right? Wrong! There are so many eventualities to consider when creating a virtual event.

When considering organising a virtual event there are several key elements that will need planning. Our Virtual Events Company is able to organise your event quickly and efficiently.

With our Virtual event services we have access to all the latest technology you could possibly need to create, produce and stream your online event.

One of the most important things with running virtual corporate events is creating an engaging and interactive environment. Our Virtual Events Company knows exactly what is needed to do this.

With a whole host of interactive activities and in-event features, we can create a fully customised, bespoke and engaging online event.

Furthermore, if you’re looking at organising large scale virtual corporate events you want to be reassured that you’re booking a competent and capable virtual events company. With 1000’s of virtual events under our belts and a huge catalogue of virtual event services we’ll guarantee to deliver an exceptional online event!

Seasonal Virtual Services

As a leading virtual event management company, we are proud to offer all kinds of seasonal virtual event services.

From Virtual Christmas entertainment such as messages from Father Christmas. To Digital Easter Egg hunts, online Halloween entertainment such as pumpkin carving and wreath making to suit every season.

We have worked hard to adapt all of our services to suit a virtual audience.

Additionally, not only do we provide all kinds of leading virtual entertainment options to suit every season, but we also offer all kinds of other virtual services that can be adapted to every season.

These include:

  • Virtual Christmas parties
  • Live streaming a digital Santa’s grotto experience
  • Providing virtual studios to film seasonal content in

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