Virtual Event Services

Providing extensive, high tech, state-of-the-art technology to create, produce and stream your Virtual Event.

Each service if offered to our client on a pick and mix basis, allowing them to decide exactly what they want at their event.

These include:

  • Created on-demand content (pre-recorded)
  • LED studio
  • Green screen technology
  • Broadcasting from a studio live
  • Live editing team to stream curated content
  • Studio hire for virtual events (with the the option of branding and set-dressing)
  • Live-streaming, webinars and webcasting
  • Choice of event platforms
  • Custom built websites
  • Virtual Entertainment and SpeakersGift boxes and PR packages sent to attendees prior to virtual events
  • Producing interstitial video

Hybrid Event Services

Combining high-tech virtual services with Covid-safe and engaging services for your Hybrid Event.

Each service if offered to our client on a pick and mix basis, allowing them to decide exactly what they want at their event.

These include:

  • Bespoke Mobile studio
  • Live-streaming, webinars and webcasting
  • Live audio and video
  • Break out rooms for virtual attendees
  • Entertainment and guest speakers
  • Sanitising stations
  • Covid- safe entry and exit facilities
  • Attendee gift bags/ resources and materials sent to virtual attendees in advance
  • Live editing team to stream curated content
  • Synchronised slides alongside the live and archived webcast video presentation
  • Creation of a live commentary or transcript of proceedings including ability to translate to multiple languages


Live Event Services

Providing extensive, Covid-safe options to create an excellent Live Event that puts attendees safety and comfort first.

Each service if offered to our client on a pick and mix basis, allowing them to decide exactly what they want at their event.

These include:

  • Pre-event venue cleaning
  • Timeslot bookings
  • Better event air installation
  • Temperature check on entry to event
  • Disinfection mist on entry and exit
  • Sanitisation stations dotted around the venue or event space
  • Photo badges
  • Mask photo check
  • Personal schedule and personal sanitation kit
  • Safe distancing layout and sensors
  • Contactless business card exchange
  • Covid-safe entertainment



Virtual events

Not only do virtual events minimise risk, but they also maximise attendance and global reach whilst remaining environmentally friendly.

Our clients want slick, high tech, state-of-the-art technology for their events. By choosing a combination of our Virtual and Covid-safe Event Solutions we can create a unique and engaging event

We provide high quality, experienced technicians to oversee all of our virtual events. Therefore creating a professional, smoothly run and visually impressive virtual event that allows attendees to interact as if they were attending a live event!

One of the most important factors for us when creating virtual events is ensuring the guests are engaged and interacting. We want to emanate the feeling of being at a live event whilst attending a virtual event.

This is why we believe virtual entertainment is a crucial part of any virtual event. Whether you need a 10-minute interlude or would like a 1hr 30minuite interactive activity we have so many options to choose from. Including but not limited to virtual online games, food and drink workshops, virtual craft workshops, live stream music, virtual magicians and much much more.

Therefore, maximising engagement, understanding and enjoyment of the event. We also provide analytic technology to assess your virtual event post-event to understand how certain attendees have interacted with the platforms used.

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