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Luxury photo booth for hire. Our luxury photo booth can be hired internationally.

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High-Tech Entertainment for Hire

We have a wide selection of high-tech technology entertainment that will take your event to the next level. Our high-tech technology entertainment is perfect to hire for events such as brand reveals, product launches and promotional events.

From cutting-edge LED technology dancers to high-tech walkabout robots, we have it all. Our walkabout robots will captivate everyone with their incredible features. Our high-tech technology entertainment is available to book for events worldwide.

We have a range of international performers that make up our technology entertainment category.

Technology Dancers

Our collection of high-tech brand reveal technology entertainment includes LED technology dancers.

These talented technology dancers use the latest in wearable technology to provide their thrilling shows. We have cutting-edge LED dancers who wear LED Pixel Video dance suits that can have your company’s logo scrolling across it as they dance.

Our range of high-tech technology dancers also includes UV dancers who create stunning almost gravity-defying shows. We have a wide selection of unique technology entertainment shows.

Robot on stage with Rihanna For hire. Robot for hire in London and the UK.

Cutting-Edge Robot Entertainment

We have an incredible range of high-tech robot entertainers that will bring a cutting-edge feel to your event.

Our array of walkabout robots includes Titan the Robot as well as many other walkabout robots. Titan the Robot is a high-tech walkabout robot that can interact with people which make him perfect for exhibitions and trade shows. The Cyborg is another cutting-edge walkabout robot that can feature a rolling message, company’s logo or any other graphic.

These high-tech robots enchant and captivate everyone at your event. We also have Zappy the Robot and Oscar the Robot who are stunning interactive promotional robots who can charm the crowds at any trade show.

Walkabout robots have become increasingly popular due to how adaptable and interactive they are.

Our walkabout robots are especially great for brand activations and logo reveals because the company logo and branding can be incorporated into the walkabout robot. Your guests or clients will be sure to be captivated by these incredible walkabout robots.

Walkabout robots are especially popular for exhibitions and trade shows where they can attract and interact with hundreds of delegates at a time.

Robot show for hire in London and the UK. Real robot for hire.
Video mapping show to hire for product launches in London and the UK

If you really want to get people engaged at your next event, then our 3D video mapping shows are just what you need. These high-tech technology entertainment stage shows are a cutting-edge and unique entertainment option that will captivate everyone.

Our video projection shows use the latest in video-mapping technology to create optical illusions that are guaranteed to play a trick on your eyes. These thrilling projection mapping shows are the perfect technology entertainment option to hire to make an instant impact on the audience.

The high-tech technology entertainment featured within is category have all performed at prestigious events for illustrious clients. Some of the previous clients our high-tech technology entertainment have been featured at includes; Toyota, BBC, Sky and much more.

Our range of technology-themed brand reveal entertainment will be sure to create an exciting time for everyone at your next event. This cutting-edge range of performers are the perfect high-tech technology entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; product launches, brand activations & experiential events in the UK and across the world.

From walkabout robots to LED technology dancers and 3D projection mapping shows, we have all the technology entertainment you need for a successful event.

Special effects company for hire to provide pyrotechnics for live events in the UK.

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