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Technology Entertainment For Hire

Technology advances every day and we always keep an eye out for new and exciting digital technologies to bring to our events with our Technology Entertainment For Hire.

Constantly liaising with our suppliers and performers to always deliver cutting-edge technology entertainment for hire, we have an incredible range of unique, cutting-edge technology entertainment for hire and attractions to fit any event purpose.

Our wide selection of unique technology and digital entertainment for hire brings an exciting aspect to Brand Reveals, Product Launches and other Promotional Events.

From cutting-edge LED technology dancers and high-tech walkabout robots to interactive installations and the latest in AV technology, we have it all. Our unique technology entertainment for hire is available to book for events in London, across the UK and Internationally.

Interactive Digital Entertainment for brand activation

Digital Entertainment For Exhibitions and Product Launches

Digital Entertainment and Attractions are especially popular for Exhibitions, Product Launches and Brand Activations due to their interactive, eye-catching nature.

Our cutting-edge Interactive installations and Digital Attractions for hire provide the latest AV technology and as a result, are fantastic for Exhibitions where you want to really increase your foot traffic.

You don’t have to have a full installation to get the most from your event, however. Our Digital Entertainment for hire also consists of iPad attractions, Digital Mirrors, Simulators and even Interactive Walls.

Our high-tech entertainment is a fantastic ice-breaker and always draws in the masses at any public event.

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Cutting-Edge Event Entertainment for Hire

Technology Entertainment is such a vast field and therefore covers such a variety of events; even private parties.

Our collection of technology entertainment for hire includes LED dancers. These talented technology dancers use the latest in wearable technology to provide their thrilling shows. We have cutting-edge LED dancers who wear LED Pixel Video dance suits that can have your company’s logo scrolling across it as they dance.

We also supply a range of Robot Entertainers who are suitable for almost any event. Our array of walkabout robots includes Titan the Robot as well as many other walkabout robots who are great for interacting with guests.

The technology entertainment and technology attractions for hire featured within this category have all performed at prestigious events for illustrious clients including the likes of Toyota, BBC, Sky and more.


Virtual Entertainment During Social Distancing

We are proud to now offer virtual interactive entertainment to continue providing performers for your Online Conferences Calls and Virtual Events.

These performers are perfect for online conference call performances and range from anything between online magic shows and online musicians.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your Conference Calls interesting and engaging, our Digital Entertainment for hire and in particular our virtual performers are perfect. Click below to read more about what we can do for you.

Alternatively, take a look at our Entertainment Catalogue full of alternative entertainment, performers, acts, shows and more.

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Virtual event entertainers across the world

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