Sustainable Event Management

We offer a fully sustainable event management service. Where we put together your event while minimising the impact it has on the environment. Most importantly ensuring we don’t compromise on client requirements or add additional costs to your event.

One common misconception about sustainability in events is that it adds cost. This is far from the truth: with proper planning, you can actually save money!

If you already have your event planned, we also offer a sustainability consultation service. We can advise you on where to improve your event in terms of sustainability.


How can we make an event more sustainable?

To create a more sustainable event, we carefully manage and assess every aspect that goes into your event:

  • Venue Cleaning
  • Venue Dressing
  • Transport Management & Logistics
  • Suppliers & Entertainment
  • Sustainable catering solutions


Responsible Venue Sourcing

As an established event management company, we have access to a wide range of venues in the UK and around the globe. This allows us to be able to offer a sustainable event service.

When working with venues, we look for those who have sustainable or environmental policies in place. whilst also catering to the needs of our clients.

When choosing a venue, we always pick one that is close to our delegates, easy to travel to and access. While also accommodating the number of guests in attendance.

We encourage the use of the venue’s in-house equipment as a way of reducing the transportation of our own or supplier’s equipment.

These policies may include:

Effective Venue Dressing

Offering full venue dressing services we look at how to deliver this service in a more eco-friendly way.

When transforming any venue, we look at using ‘upcycled’ products – products that we refurbish and re-use. We also look at using pallet furniture.

We liaise with local charities and scrap stores along with Champions of Sustainable Events to access both upcycled and recycled products we can decorate venues with.

Not only is this a sustainable way of obtaining props and decor for your venue, but it cost-effective and often saves you money!

We can also introduce Better Air into venues to enable delegates to breathe cleaner air.

How do we dress venues sustainably?

  • Use Upcycled & Recycled props and decorations
  • Use of Pallet Furniture
  • Introduce Better Air into venues

Sustainable cleaning

Now more than ever there is a heightened awareness of cleaning and disinfecting event areas.

Due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, there is a high demand to have effective and powerful cleaning solutions. We are proud to say we offer sustainable event service solutions to this.

We encourage all our venues to use Tersano within their cleaning routine. It is a fully sustainable cleaning solution that turns water and oxygen into a cleaning solution more powerful than bleach.

By using this they improve their sustainable status and maintain a germ and bacteria-free environment.


Responsible Catering

We like to work with caterers that aim to reduce waste and have sustainability at the forefront of their minds.

When planning the catering at any event, we get the most accurate number of attendees as possible to reduce the amount of excess food/drink we have.

We like to use fairtrade products, such as coffee and chocolate. We also aim to use the least amount of packaging possible with our catering and use recyclable materials, such as paper bags to reduce waste.

  • Caterers serve fresh produce.
  • Fish from sustainably managed sources.
  • Use fairtrade products e.g. Coffee, Bananas and Chocolate.
  • Serve fresh food in bulk, rather than individually packaged food.
  • Avoid bottled water and use large jugs of water we can refill.
  • Use composting where required.
  • Reuse glassware, cutlery, tablecloths and more.
  • Liaise with local food banks.
  • Produce an accurate, realistic amount of food to reduce waste.

We often use an app called OLIO that re-distributes leftover food we may have at an event that can be used elsewhere. This is in an effort to eliminate food waste at our events.

We also contact local food banks in an effort to reduce food waste.

At our the Xero company conference we created, our coffee catering was part of a bigger group that studies how to be sustainable at events.

Event Sustainability Consultation

We offer full sustainability consultation services to our clients. Identifying where they can improve in terms of sustainability in their events.

This is perfect for clients who may have a limited budget but want to understand exactly where their gaps are in planning a sustainable event.

Our consultation service also communicates to your staff, clients and the public that you are trying to be sustainable and therefore boosts your brand image.

It gives you a benchmark of where you are in terms of sustainability and where exactly this can be improved.

Smart Communication

Julia Charles Event Management is a paperless company. Everything in office and at events.

In-office, we communicate electronically with clients and staff, we use digital business cards.

At conferences, we use digital delegate management systems instead of traditional registers and avoid lanyard printing.

We also like to use venues in-house technology, such as TV screens to put our rolling agenda on to. this is instead of printing out a day-plan for everyone in attendance.

Not only is this better for the environment, but it also saves cost!

Sustainable Supplier Choices

We are being more selective with our suppliers and getting them on board with what we stand for. Working with suppliers that are environmentally conscious who comply with our sustainability policies.

We use entertainers that are sustainability-conscious while meeting clients expectations and matching our client’s vision.

Our sustainable entertainers and performers use recycled costumes and products, such as stilt walkers who create bespoke costumes from recycled materials and make up artists who use recycled glitter.

It’s our responsibility to find performers who adhere to our policies and are conscious about sustainability and to push these forward to our clients.

Our sustainable performers need to adhere to our recycling policies and measure travel miles, use of energy and waste produced.


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