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Huge Catalogue of Walkabout Entertainment

We have an abundance of walkabout entertainment for you to hire for any event. Walkabout acts and entertainment has increased in popularity over the years and is now almost a staple of any event!

Walkabout entertainment is so popular because it can be utilised in more than one way. Walkabout acts can serve as a meet and greet act by welcoming your guests into the venue of your event. This is a great way to get guests excited as soon as they step through the door or onto the field.

Our walkabout acts can also mix and mingle with guests as the event is happening. This serves as a great interactive feature that your guests are sure to love. This is a great way to break the ice and stimulate conversation among your guests.

As an Entertainment Agency, we have supplied a countless number of Walkabout Performers for Private, Corporate and Retail Clients not only in the UK but around the World. You can rest assured of a fully comprehensive service, covering all aspects to ensure a seamless performance.


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We have a wide range of interactive walkabout entertainment and interactive meet and greet performers available to book for your events, parties and more.

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Walkabout Entertainment for a range of events

These walkabout acts are truly versatile and can perform at almost any event, whether it be indoors or outdoors.

We have an abundance of stilt walkers that would be perfect to hire for family fun days, shopping centre events and much more. These talented performers combine a number of skills such as balance and performance to create unique shows for people to enjoy.

Our Magicians and Illusionists will blow your guests away with their mind-blowing tricks and skills. We have a wide range from street magicians to close-up and table magicians that will stun your guests with exceptional magic. We have traditional magicians as well as contemporary ones who can perform magic tricks with and on an iPad.

Our Walkabout Animals and Creatures will amaze your guests with their life-like features. Our animal-themed performers are a great way to entertain both children and adults alike. We have everything from terrifying Realistic Dinosaurs and a Walkabout Polar Bear to a Walkabout Dragon and Giant Caterpillar Puppet.

Amaze guests with our Walkabout Entertainment

Our Walkabout Acrobats will thrill you and your guests with their amazing stunts and routines. These talented performers blend incredible balance and strength with the ability to bend and contort their bodies into all sorts of shapes.

We also have a number of bands such as The Big Bull Brass Band that would be perfect for corporate and private events alike. Our Fake Paparazzi would be a great touch to any award ceremony or gala dinner.

Our wide-ranging collection of walkabout entertainment would be the perfect entertainment option to hire for family fun days, corporate events and much more.

Whether you require interactive stilt walkers, magicians or child-friendly animal-themed walkabout characters, we have it all.


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