What Fan Zone Event Services Do We Offer?

Gone are the days when a sports event started as you took your seat to watch the game.

Fan Zones and Fan Villages are fast becoming a popular way for clubs and organisers to engage with fans and create unforgettable experiences, whilst increasing social content and additional revenue streams.

As an event management company we offer a wide variety of fan zone event services, some of these include:

  • Concept Designs & Proposals
  • Staging, lighting, AV & Rigging
  • Event Theming & Branding
  • Interactive Event Maps
  • Event Tech Services
  • Operational Management
  • Entertainment
  • Sport Simulators & Activations
  • Hospitality & VIP Design & Build

We work with each of our clients on an individual basis, creating bespoke fan zone solutions to inspire their fans and achieve their desired outcomes.


Creative Fan Zone Design

Sporting organisers are seeing a growing demand from fans for interactive and experiential events to support their sporting fixtures.

79% of fans attending a sporting event will have a phone and will be talking about attending the event on social media. Therefore, organisers need to monopolise on this free promotion by creating fan zone experiences that make fans want to engage, post and spend money.

One of the best ways of doing this is through creative fan zone design. We’re not talking about a couple of big screens and some food stalls. We’re talking about immersive photo opportunities, state of the art simulators, event apps providing fan zone attendees with insider offers and knowledge and much much more.

As a leading creative event agency, we are able to create bespoke builds and activations as well as unique experiences that are sure to impress your fans. Furthermore, by using our theming and styling services we can completely transform any event space.

Additionally, we are able to create permanent and touring fan zone events for both small and large scale fan zone activations.

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Fan Zone Event Technology

To make the most of user experience and increased social signals we have lots of fan zone event technology solutions to incorporate into your event.

Event technology is one of the most important factors to consider when booking fan zone event services.

Not only is it the easiest way for most of your fans to interact with your event, but it is also one of the most successful ways to boost social engagement and social revenue.

There are many creative ways we can incorporate event technology into your event, some of our favourite examples include:

  • AR and VR technology
  • QR Codes
  • Interactive Event Mapping
  • Event Apps
  • Metaverse Extensions To Your Event
  • In-Event Gamification

All of these options can be personalised for each event and have the ability to be fully branded and adapted to suit your fan zone requirements.


Connecting Brands with Fans

One of the best ways to increase brand awareness is through creating memorable experiential activations fans can connect with.

This couldn’t be more true than when connecting brands with fans at fan zone events.

We are able to incorporate branding, logos and company ethos’ into all kinds of different experiential activities that fans can interact with at your fan zone event.

From initial conception, to designing, building, installing and managing unforgettable innovative experiences for both large and small scale fan zone events across the globe.

Julia Charles Event Management will create bespoke branding activations to get fans engaging and driving revenue towards your brand.

Additional Fan Zone Event Services

Along with the creative design and leading event technology, we are also able to provide all of the additional services you’ll require for your fan zone event.

We work hard to deliver our clients turnkey solutions. Managing every aspect of your fan zone event, there’s no need to search for multiple suppliers, we do it all.

Providing entertainment, catering, staffing, operational management, temporary structures, event tech and so much more, we have the skill set to design, install and manage your fan zone event.

The key to running a successful fan zone is to base the event around the fan experience. Therefore we take time to understand what the user experience will look like, considering crucial factors such as event flow.

We then combine this with our client’s goals and desired outcomes to create a successful fan zone event for both fans and clients.


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Hospitality and VIP experiences

Hospitality and VIP boxes are commonplace at sporting events, however, did you know we can also incorporate this into your fan zone?

The likelihood is that you will have VIP guests who are attending your sporting event who also want to experience the fan zones. However, their needs and wants from your fan zone will likely be different to the everyday fan who is visiting your fan zone.

Therefore, we are able to create exclusive areas within your fan zone, specifically tailored towards VIP and hospitality guests. These are also an excellent option if you are collaborating with certain brands who want to invite VIP guests to share social content of the day.

From chill-out areas to exclusive photo opportunities and immersive areas, specialist bar areas to exclusive attraction access. We can come up with multiple different VIP and hospitality fan zone solutions to suit your guests.

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Fan zone entertainment

There’s no denying that entertainment is a massive factor when considering your fan zone- let us help you choose your perfect entertainment roster.

We have one of the largest entertainment portfolios, offering all kinds of entertainment options.

Some of our favourite entertainment options for fan zone events include:

We can work with you to create all kinds of different entertainment solutions for your fan zone event.


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