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We provide the Event Services necessary to put together an event of any size or purpose, all the way from concept through to completion!

What Event Services do we Provide?

We provide a wide range of Event Services for all types of clients for both large and small scale events. Watch our video below to get an idea!


Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner Services

If you’re looking for an event management company to organise your Awards Ceremony or Gala Dinner, we have the capacity to create a bespoke Awards Ceremony or Gala Dinner from scratch catered to your requirements.

With the ability to source and decorate your Venue, provide full Gala Dinner Event Management services, Catering services, Entertainment and more, we provide everything you need to enjoy a high-end Gala Dinner.

Christmas Event Services

Christmas events involve a lot of preparation and creativity to pull off successfully. Over the years our events team has put on a wide range of Christmas events for different clients including the likes of the Royal Bank of Canada.

As an event management company, we provide everything you need to enjoy your Christmas Event. Ranging from Venue Dressing & Theming and Unique Christmas Entertainment, all the way to Shows, Bespoke Catering and more.


Conference Management Services

Company conferences require a lot of planning and organisation to ensure a smooth, successful event without any hiccups. Over the years of putting on company conferences across the UK, we have perfected our Conference Management Services that make these events possible.

Working with the likes of Mercedes-BenzAmazon and Xero, we have the experience and knowledge behind us to pull off a company conference of any size and purpose!

Event Management Services

Full Event Management services include the creation and development of both small and large scale events. These events require a lot of planning and management to ensure they run as smoothly as possible and reach the desired effect.

For over 20 years, we have been planning events of all sizes, ranging from large corporate festivals with over 500 guests to private birthdays with under 100 guests. As a company,  we are renowned for being highly professional and reliable event organisers for all event types.

Event Production Services

Event Production involves the design and creation of every aspect of your event space, such as the Staging, Lighting & AV Set Up, Venue Decorations and more. We have the capacity to deliver on an event from concept to completion.

Our creative insight and expertise can guarantee you’re delivered the best version of the event you’re looking to put on. The quality of your event production is so important as it sets the expectations for your event and determines whether your event will be remembered by your guests.


Exhibition Stand Design & Production Services

The reason for attending a Trade Show, Exhibition or Expo for a Brand is to gain new Business leads, attract potential customers and just get your Brand out there and recognised!

To be successful at these events, you need an Exhibition Stand that grabs the attention of passers-by with an Exhibition Stand that really stands out from the rest.

We specialise in creating bespoke Exhibition Stands that will help your business attract attention for all the right reasons. Our team of creative event planners can design a bespoke Exhibition Stand for your Brand using cutting-edge CAD Software to present new exciting concepts for you.

Family Fun Day Services

Creating Corporate Family Fun Days for the likes of Amazon, Network Rail and BSH we have produced both large and small scale Family Fun day events along with Family Fun Day event management services to meet a variety of requirements and briefs.

Family Fun Days have a huge number of guests in attendance, so it is very important to get every aspect of your family fun day planned, managed and organised properly!

As leading Family Fun Day organisers in the UK, we have the capacity to put on a Family Fun Day to meet any requirements.

Jonathan Ross' Halloween House Dressing

Halloween Themed Event Services

Create the Halloween Event of your nightmares with our Halloween Themed Event Services! With our experience and expertise in the events industry, we can provide everything required from venue sourcing to Halloween event production.


Product Launches & Brand Activations

When you’re launching a new product or service, a well planned and executed Product Launch event is essential to its success.

Using our Product Launch & Brand Activation Services, our team address every small detail of your event to ensure its success. Our creative event planners use a professional approach to ensure every aspect of your event is thoroughly planned and take the time to research your brand to understand how you want your brand to be presented.

Corporate speaker available to hire

Speaker Management Services

Finding the right Guest Speaker for your event can be the difference between it being outstanding or simply mediocre. Whether you need a Business Speaker for a Conference who keeps your staff engaged or a Motivational Sports Speaker who leaves your audience inspired, our catalogue of contacts is bound to contain the perfect guest speaker for your event.

Booking a Guest Speaker can be an unforgiving task without an events agency that’s experienced in Speaker Management. Let us take the stress out of handling fees and logistics to leave you to enjoy the event you’ve been looking forward to for months.

Staging, Lighting & AV Services

Providing this service for the likes of Netflix, our Staging, Lighting & AV Services are a necessity for achieving the right atmosphere at any event.

If your event involves a stage, this service ensures your audience’s attention is directed to it. Our Team will set-up a truly eye-catching spectacle that can involve 3D projection, strobe lighting and more to take the production level of your event to the next level.

On top of this, our team can actually design and build an entirely bespoke stage catered to your specific event.


Venue Sourcing & Venue Finding Services

If you haven’t already got your heart set on one, venue finding is one of the most important event services we provide when planning your event. Nothing kills the mood at a corporate event like 300 people being too spread out to talk to each other, or not being able to hear the incredible live band because the venue’s acoustics aren’t right.

With our venue procurement packages, you can be assured that nothing like this will happen. Our team have provided venue sourcing services for any event type, size or theme you could possibly imagine, and can’t wait to start working with your ideas to put on a spectacular event!

Venue Dressing & Venue Transformation

Once we’ve helped you select an appropriate venue for your event, the time comes to transform it into a picture-perfect set design that radiates your theme. Our flawless venue dressing is vital to achieving the atmosphere you desire, which is why we have an incredible creative team waiting to turn your ideas into an exceptional venue design.

The quality of venue decoration never goes unnoticed by guests and can have a huge impact on the overall reception of the event, so it’s important not to neglect the importance of this event service. We’re always excited to take on new venue dressing projects, so don’t wait to get in touch with your ideas!

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