cOMPLETE Gala Dinner & Award CeremonY SERVICES

We are a professional awards organiser service. Supplying full package services required to pull off an exceptional, high-class Gala Dinner and awards ceremony.

There are so many elements to consider when organising a Gala Dinner Event production. By booking a professional awards organiser service you can rest assured that nothing will be missed.

  • Gala Dinner Event Theming Services
  • Gala Dinner Entertainment & Catering Services
  • Full Event Management services
  • Guest Speakers to host your Awards Ceremony
  • Venue Finding and Venue Dressing
  • Staging, Lighting & AV Services
  • Travel booking and logistics

Who we are

Julia Charles Event Management is an internationally renowned Gala Dinner Event Production company.

We have produced and managed Gala Dinners & Award Ceremonies for large corporate clients and companies in the UK and worldwide for over 15 years.

We supply full-service packages. These include a designated award ceremony organiser. Therefore, allowing our clients to be hands off and enjoy their event as much as their guests.

What we do

We are proud to offer a vast array of Gala Dinner Event Services. Allowing our clients to pick and choose to create their perfect event.

Firstly, we start the process by understanding the message, outcome and scale of our client’s Gala Dinner and Award Ceremony.

By understanding the desired outcome, we set to work creating a full-scale gala Dinner event production. Within this we can include 5* Catering, Entertainment, Staging and Theming.

Why use us

As professional Gala Dinner organisers we remove the need of working with multiple companies to achieve your event.

Due to our large array of Gala dinner services we can organise everything in house. Therefore, producing a sleek, elegant and well-run Gala Dinner events.

Not to mention the fact that by going with us we can guarantee to secure you the most competitive prices. As well as exclusive venues and services not available to anyone outside the industry.


Global Gala Dinners and Award Ceremonies

We are proud to have worked around the globe creating Gala Dinners and Award Ceremonies.

Some of our favourite locations we’ve supplied our professional awards organiser services are Venice, Las Vegas, Paris, Dubai and London amongst others.

When organising a Gala dinner or awards ceremony abroad there are a lot of factors to consider. By hiring professional awards organiser services you are guaranteed a smooth and seamless event.

For example, in Venice, we had to carefully plan how we would transport guests and equipment across the water canal. It required insight into the local area so we could arrange it around the water buses.

Therefore we deal with all of the logistics. From organising International transportation too sourcing local suppliers. Venue finding too hiring translators and more.

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creating an immersive Gala Dinner event

There are so many details to consider when organising an immersive Gala Dinner and Award Ceremony.

However, don’t panic! By booking a professional awards organiser that specialises in creating immersive and engaging events, we take care of everything.

In our initial consultation, we gather lots of information about your Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony, allowing us to go off and create unique concepts to your company.

To create an immersive Gala Dinner Event Production, we often suggest theming it to create a flow throughout your night. We will then base everything around this central theme.

Therefore, considering Catering, Entertainment, Production and more. Not to mention Theming and dressing your venue to set the perfect tone.

Some of the theming options you may want to consider for your Gala Dinner event include James Bond, Las Vegas, Winter Wonderland or 1920s.

Speed Painter Jonathan On Stage

Professional Awards Organiser Services 

A lot of our clients require full Gala dinner event service hire. However, all our services work on a ‘pick-and-mix’ bases.

We supply you with the exact services you require. Your Gala Dinner Organiser will be able to guide you on specific services to suit you, including:

Venue Sourcing and Dressing: We endeavour to find the best venue to suit your Gala Dinner Event Production. This can also include booking rooms for your guests to stay in and organising travel management.

Staging, Lighting and AV: Your Awards ceremony organiser will show you all the different options we can provide. From supplying stages, big screens and mood lighting.

Entertainment: We can supply all sorts of entertainment. From, Jazz Bands to Meet and Greet characters, Guest Speakers to full-blown Gala Dinner Event Production shows.

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