What Brand Activation Event Services Do We Offer?

Producing experiences for brands on a global scale, we make your brand stand out above the rest

From iconic branding to large scale prop build and experiential set builds, we work with our partners to produce exceptional brand activations.

As a leading event management agency, we can breathe life into your ideas, working with you from conception to completion to create a brand activation event like no other.

Just some of the services we can provide include:

  • Stadium branding
  • Tifo banner reveals
  • Immersive set builds
  • Event Overlay
  • Temporary and Permanent Wayfinding Solutions
  • Large Scale Prop Creation & Installation

Working with our industry partners, we can deliver creative, unforgettable and awe-inspiring brand activation events that will leave your audience desperate to find out more.


Previous Activation Project: Silver Surfer

There are so many creative and unique ways you can increase your brand awareness and reach your intended audience.

Julia Charles Event Management has partnered up with our incredible logistic and installation partners who have delivered truly remarkable and engaging brand activations.

Silver Surfer Activation For Marvel’s Fantastic Four Film Release

Marvel got in touch wanting to create a brand activation to promote the upcoming Fantastic Four film. The team, therefore, created a 1000m2 3D image of Marvel’s Fantastic Four character the Silver Surfer.

This high-profile rigging project was engineered to withstand the forces of the wheel and stand up to the windy elements of London.

Our exclusive partners offer bespoke rigging projects worldwide and specialize in branding giant Ferris wheels.

Therefore, as a team, we can create and install captivating brand activations on large structures across the globe.

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What types of Brand Activations can we create?

There’s no limit to our imagination and ability to create unique and unforgettable activations that get consumers talking.

As a creative events agency, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of producing new and exciting ways to create hype around your brand activation.

Using the many tools in our brand activation arsenal, we are able to successfully conceptualize and execute the structural logistics of your brand activation.

Therefore, whether you are bringing a new product to market or launching a new film that needs PR, our team is ready with ideas.

We work with our highly skilled partners who have bought to life, huge campaigns for corporate giants such as Marvel, Tate Modern, Mini, FIFA, Nike, The London Olympics and many many more.


Previous Activation Project: Mini Cooper Campaign

From one-off brand activation campaigns to multiple simultaneous activations in various locations, we do it all!

Mini Cooper wanted a brand activation that could be installed in multiple locations across the UK to showcase their latest Mini Cooper model and create further brand awareness.

Our exclusive partners were tasked with designing, building & rigging multiple-scale replicas of the Mini Cooper around the UK.

Each of these vehicles was built in the high-tech build studio from high-density coated polystyrene, glass fibre and steel. They were even able to incorporate genuine tyres into this build!

The replicas were rigged to various buildings and structures with additional supporting graphics. Each car was craned into position while skilled riggers affixed the cars to the bespoke bracket assemblies.

This campaign was rolled out in succession around the UK.

Additional Brand Activation Services

Working with our partners we are able to build all kinds of brand activation structures, however, you may want to consider additional services to support your large scale structures.

Your structure is built but perhaps you want to run an event alongside it and need event management and production.

As a turnkey event management company, we specialise in offering all of these services in house.

From venue finding, styling, entertainment, catering and more, we can create a product launch event to support your brand activation and provide your target audience with further insight into your activation or specific product.

Check out some of our case study events down below to find out more about how we create these full-scale product launches and brand activations.


Previous Activation Project: rEPLICA LONDON tUBE

We create unique structural builds for both public and private spaces, offering brands an opportunity to inspire employees.

In this scenario, our exclusive partners were commissioned to build a full-scale replica of a London Tube including a full 10m carriage and driver’s compartment.

The train replica was built as a bespoke meeting room to fit the transport theme of the office fit-out. Furthermore, the driver’s compartment controlled internal & external lighting, power and sound system with its own operational soft-close doors.

Access to the train is from both sides and the carriage was aged by our expert creative artists to look like a used, older train with imitation corrosion, glass stains, scratches and weathering.

Additionally, the doors were fully operational with automatic soft-close function.

Our creative team can work with you to come up with exciting ways to engage and excite employees in-house through our brand activation services.

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