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A well-planned Product Launch event is essential to the success of a new product, service or brand.

As a Product Launch event management company, our brand event planners can fully design, plan and manage this event for you.

Using our experience in product launch event planning, we address every small detail of your event to make sure it is a successful one. Our brand event planners use a creative and professional approach to ensure every aspect of your event is thoroughly planned.

Understanding the importance of brand image, we take the time to research your brand. This is always a key focus for any product launch event.

Let’s introduce your product to the world!


Product Launch Venue Sourcing

The first thing to plan when putting together a product launch is where it’s going to take place.

Picking a suitable venue is essential to achieving the atmosphere you desire for your product.

This is where our venue sourcing service comes in handy.

With our experience as a product launch event management company, we have access to some of the best venues across the globe. Working in Las Vegas, London, Milan, Venice and many more locations, we have venues suitable for any product or brand.

The venue you choose will need to cater for the number of guests in attendance. It’s important to choose a location that is accessible for your guests.

A full product launch event management service will include the designing and creation of the event. This includes services such as logistics, entertainment, catering, staging and much more.

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Venue Dressing and Theming

Once you have finalised on your venue, the next step is transforming it into a space suitable for launching your product.

It’s a very common choice to use a theme for your brand event to make it more memorable for your guests.

No matter your taste or your theme of choice, we have the expertise at hand to design and transform your venue into a bespoke setting of your choice.

Our event planners are seasoned in transforming venues to meet clients’ expectations and have provided this service for a range of high-end clients including the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Amazon and Netflix.

We have a vast array of themes to choose from to take your product to market.

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Twisted Alice Set Design

Unique Product Launch Entertainment

We have access to some of the globe’s most impressive entertainers that will make a huge impact at your brand event.

Using our experience in the events industry, we’ve built very close relationships with suppliers and performers alike. This gives you reassurance that the entertainers we provide are amazing at what they do.

Entertainment is key to making your event an exciting and memorable one.

Providing a range of entertainers such as football freestylers, fire-breathers, aerial performers, breakdancers and many more, we have a performer for every function.

Be ready to be blown away by their talents.

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Catering for a Product Launch

Catering is a great way of bringing people together at your event. A very valuable tool for any brand event.

Providing all types of event catering, such as bespoke cocktails, street food, gourmet barbeques and more, we have a catering option for everyone.

We provide for all allergies and any other dietary requirements.

Just like our entertainment services, we have worked very hard to build close relationships with our catering suppliers. This makes us sure of the quality we are providing and ensures our suppliers are reliable.

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Book the right Product Launch Event Management Company

You’ve worked tirelessly to develop your product, now it’s time to tell the world about it!

Bespoke props available for twisted Alice events

Any Brand Activation needs an experienced event management company behind it.

You want your product event to capture the attention of the media and reflect the values of the brand and the brand image in a clear and consistent tone.

We understand that a product launch needs precision.

When putting on a product launch, your brand image is at the centre of importance.

This is why it is important to choose a company that is capable of transforming venues into very high-quality spaces that perfectly projects how you want to be perceived by the public.

Knowledge and experience are very important when planning an event of this type. Our event planners have a vast amount of experience planning brand events for a range of clients

Every aspect of the event is planned and thought out to ensure its success. Every small detail is covered.

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