What Product Launch services do we offer

As Product Launch Event Managers we plan everything that goes into showing off your product to the market.

Product Launch Event Managers are specialists in creating events that successfully bring your new product to market. As experts in our field, we have a variety of creative and logistical services to help do this.

Just a few of these services include:

  • Bespoke Graphic design, Printing and Signage
  • Video and Presentation Production
  • Webcasting and Live Streaming
  • Full Design, Production and Management Services
  • Staff hire
  • Venue Finding and Staging
  • Product Launch Entertainment Hire
Interactive Digital Entertainment for brand activation

Your launch from conception to completion

One of the best things about our Product Launch Event Managers is that they’re able to offer you services on a bespoke level.

Therefore this means that as a client you pick and choose exactly what services you want, to build your custom Product Launch to help bring your new product to the market.

In your initial consultation, your Product Launch Event Manager will discuss all of the options that are available to you. We break our services down into different categories to help our clients understand what kinds of services we offer.

We take time to understand all the different production and logistical factors and create a unique and engaging launch campaign.

When providing product launch services, we ensure that every service adds value to our client’s event, setting their product launch up for ultimate success.

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Virtual Product Launches

With a lot of companies needing Virtual Product Launches, we are able to provide a wide range of services to launch your product virtually.

There are lots of ways that we can creatively launch your product in the virtual world.

We have a wide range of event technology services to help support your virtual product launch. From creating metaverse style events and NFTs of your new products to live streaming and building anticipation through app design and gamification.

We have previously worked with Monarch Airlines to Live stream a catwalk show to all employees across the UK. Additionally, we made it possible for the employees to use live interaction technology by voting for their favourite uniforms.

Not only that but we can create video content to stream to your guests that could include Product Launch Entertainment Hire to really showcase your product.

With this, we can, of course, include all of our regular Product Launch Services. Our Product Launch Event Managers are always coming up with new and innovative ways to celebrate bringing a new product to market.


Event Services Prior to the Product Launch

We offer a variety of services prior to your Product Launch to ensure that on the day your event is a success.

Initially, we organise a sit-down consultation with one of our experienced Product Launch Event Organisers to come up with a strategy on how you want your product or service to sell. We then apply this to the whole project.

Whether you need us to design your branding or you’ve already got an established brand design. We offer Graphic Design, Printing and Signage. Therefore ensuring that your launch has a consistent theme and style running throughout.

Additionally, we offer Venue Sourcing, Styling and Theming which are integral for setting the scene for your product. Not only that but prior to the event, we can create Video Presentations and digital promotional content to use at your Product Launch.

As experienced Launch Event Organisers, we pride ourselves on running well-executed, and strategically minded campaigns to ensure your product has maximum impact when introduced to the market.

Day of the Launch Event

One of the main reasons businesses hire Event Launch Companies is that it ensures the day of the event runs smoothly and creates an excellent impression.

There are lots of elements that require managing on the day of your Product Launch. Our Product Launch Event Organiser will be there on the day to coordinate your various different services and deal with all the behind the scenes logistics.

Some of these on the day services we include are technical and lighting support, providing Staging, Lighting and AV. Staffing to mingle with guests and promote your product. Catering that can be tailored to compliment your Product Launch style. Product Launch Entertainment Hire to keep your guests engaged and excited.

For Product Launches, entertainment is a key way to captivate guests. Depending on your product, we have a wide range of different entertainment options to complement it.

Additionally, we provide Photographs and Videographers on the day to capture the whole event!


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