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Looking To Book An Artist For An Event?

As a leading UK Entertainment Agency, we supply a range of Event Artists and LIVE Event Artists for hire.

If you’re looking to book artists for events, you’ve certainly come to the right place. From Speed Painters who can create amazing portraits of guests to Origami and Silhouette Artists, we have it all!

If you have an event, wedding or party where you require some form of Artistic Entertainment, we have a wide range of event artists to meet your requirements.

Perfect for Brand Activations and Product Launches, our Artistic For Hire are perfect for creating an impression on guests.

For example, take a look at the image on the right where our muralist created a Levi’s Branded Mural for a store opening event.

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What Events Are Suitable For Our Event Artists?

Event Artists are a fantastic option if you are looking for a way to draw in and entertain large crowds.

As a result, our event artists and live event artists are a popular choice for Exhibitions, Product Launches and Brand Activations.

We have used our artists for hire and live event artists to perform at many of our own events including our Red Mix product launch where we hired a sand artist to perform on stage.

Our LIVE event artists are all experienced, talented performers who will bring your event to the next level!

However, Artistic Performers are so adaptable and include such a diverse range of artists, making them suitable for Children’s Events, Family Fun Days and more.

For example, our Caricaturists are perfect for entertaining audiences at Family Fun Days and other outdoor events.

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Looking To Book An Event Artist?

Get in contact with a member of the events team today to discuss our Event Artist Hire and Live Event Artists. We have a range of Artists, Speed Painters and more who can be a part of your events, parties and other occasions.

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What Event Artists Do We Offer?

Whether you want a sophisticated installation to create an impact at your event or you want a graffiti artist to infuse some energy into your event, we have it all.

Not only can our live painters and art shows entertain any audience, but they can also give your guests something to go home with.

For example, our Origami Artists can create unique pieces of art for your guests to take home and remember your event by.

Speed Painters are a great way of creating an impact on stage at an event, where you can use 3D projection, music and performers to create a real occasion for your event.

You can even book event artists who can put a workshop together to add a team-building aspect to your event. Perfect for Family Fun Days and other outdoor events.


Digital Artists For Hire

Give your event a modern feel with our Digital Artists for hire. Perfect for Exhibitions and even online events!

Our wide selection of Digital Artists can create a unique experience. Take a look at our Light Painting Artists, for example, who can provide a compelling interactive experience for you and your guests.

If you want your event to have a fresh, modern feel then our Digital Artists for Hire will be perfect. What’s more; they can also send digital copies to those in attendance.

Our Digital Artists can even offer NFTs and similar digital art to make your event truly stand out and give it more longevity.

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Can we help with Artistic Performers?

Speak to one of our Event Managers to see how we can help with all your Entertainment for Events.

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