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MEET OUR FABULOUS VIRTUAL Interactive performers!

We have a wide range of different Virtual Entertainment options and online event experiences for either fully Virtual Events or Hybrid Events to keep the party going during the Pandemic world – and after!

Our talented virtual performers and virtual experiences hosts have put together interactive performances and online experiences specifically for hybrid and virtual events of all kinds.

We offer all sorts of online event experiences, from online magic shows and virtual mind reading performances to virtual Musical Entertainers:

Here’s Some Of Our More Popular Virtual Experiences:

As a leading Events Agency we pride ourselves on offering all kinds of entertainment, therefore if you require traditional, LIVE entertainment (where entertainers, performers and acts perform in a venue, for example), please view our Entertainment Options.



We do not want to stop celebrating events so we have created online experiences and shows with the help of our wonderful virtual entertainment!

We want to keep creating incredible Online Event Experiences just for your guests and you!

This is why our Virtual Entertainers can be easily booked through our Virtual Entertainment Packages.

However, if you are looking for something custom, we can create bespoke shows for your occasion.

Our wonderful Virtual Performers are available for any kind of Online occasion. For instance:

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Our virtual interactive performers and online event experiences can be anything from a small impact show of around 10-15 minutes to a larger interactive performance or workshops lasting of up to 90 minutes.

Our amazing Online Guest Speakers and Virtual Magicians’ virtual experiences are perfect for Zoom Calls from 10-100 to larger shows for 100 to 200 attendees. Making our virtual entertainers flexible to fit any kind of online events and conferences.

Whether you’d like to host a virtual brand activation event with an engaging and create virtual event experiences for attendees to be part of.

Or perhaps you’re hosting a large virtual corporate event and need some entertainment to break up the day.

We have plenty of options and varieties to choose from. Meaning that we can supply the perfect virtual entertainment or online experience for your event!

Why Our Online Escape Room Games Are So Popular

In the last year, we have seen a tremendous increase in popularity for our online escape room games.

We are proud to offer an extensive range of online escape room challenges for remote teams. Some of these themed virtual escape room games include:

  • Shakespear’s script
  • Peaky Blinders- The Raid
  • Sherlock Holmes mystery
  • MI5 secret agent mission
  • 1920s cruise adventure
  • Egyptian treasure hunt

One of the reasons our virtual escape room games are so popular is that it encourages teams to work together, with brain teaser challenges and clues hidden around the online escape room.

Not only are our virtual escape rooms an excellent activity for remote teams looking for a team-building activity.

They are also great fun for private parties and as a way of having fun with friends you can’t see.

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